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What do small fish eat?


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small fish eat minows , plankton , other microorganisms and some time small crustaceans {small crabs , animals or snails }


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Of course big fish eat small fish......thats all they have to eat anyway

Yes small fish eat seaweed, just about any fish do :)

no they eat dead fish no they eat dead fish

Some eat smaller fish, invertibrates, Plankton, Algae... etc.

they eat cat fish small fish and small turtels

Of course small fish eat less than large fish.

No. Even small fish eat plants, and are thus consumers. Small fish can eat everything from seaweed to algae.

AnswerYes they do.Little fish eat phytoplankton because they are the base of the food chain. Small fish eat phytoplankton, medium fish eat small fish, and big fish eat medium fish. Humans (you and me) eat the big fish. That is the phytoplankton cycle.

they eat crabs and small fish

Shad primarily eat plankton. They will also eat fish eggs and small shrimp. On rare occasions, they will also eat small fish.

Some small fish that penguins eat are: - Shrimp krill - Small fish - Squid - Crustaceans - Amphipods

all fish will eat other fish if they are small enough.

Yes they do big fish eat small fish that is how the cycle works.

If the fish are small enough for the snake to eat, yes. Garter snakes will eat small fish.

Small fish,lots and lots of small fish!

jellyfish eat small fish and microplankton

Yes!They eat small fish.

No. Possums do not eat fish.

No jelly fish eat small fish

no they eat small fish like what whales eat such as lanktins and very small fish. i hope i answered your question

they are none to eat small fishdolphins eat fish and squid

small fishsmaller fish or what the little fish eat like plankton

Some eat plankton- small very small fish or animal erm.. also they eat some seaweed

Well there is no difference to fish in the artic and fish not in the artic. Its still the same cycle. Bigger fish eat medium fish medium fish eat small fish small fish eat shrimp(and small cretures like that) shrimp eat plankton The only difference is that fish in the artic have special blood which make them not freeze to death in the water.

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