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Baby turtles are mostly carnivorous and their diets should be high in calcium and other nutrients. I would only feed Total Turtle from They are the only pellets formulated by a turtle breeder for high hatchling survival rates. There is nothing better. But still they should get a varied diet with some earthworms, crickets, baitfish, other insects, strips of chicken hearts, and veggies will be added as it grows.

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Q: What do small turtles eat?
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Will groundhogs eat turtles?

yes groundhogs will eat small turtles, if you can feed the groundhog and he/she will not eat turtles because he/she will have plentiful to eat.

What do small dam turtles eat?

Small turtles found in dams eat small insects and other bugs. These turtles are poor hunters and are very small.

What kind of food does water turtles eat?

Water turtles eat a large variety of food including aquatic plants. The turtles often eat small insects and small sea creatures.

Can small turtles eat fish food?

Yes, small turtles can eat fish food because there mouths are big enough

Are turtles vegetarians?

land turtles are but, sea turtles eat small fish and bugs

What kind of fish do sea turtles eat?

Sea turtles eat jellyfish and small fish

Do small turtles eat boiled or plain lettuce?

Small turtles can eat both boiled and plain lettuce. Boiling lettuce makes the lettuce softer, therefore making it easier for smaller turtles to eat.

How do turtles attract prey?

Turtles don't eat or hunt other animals, but eat plants and bugs. Sea turtles will eat small fish and plankton.

Do turtles eat every kind small fish?

Whey do turtles eat fish any way

Do freshwater turtles eat fish?

Fresh water turtles like map turtles do eat small fish, snails, etc:

Do seagulls eat small turtles?

Yes they will. Small sea turtles run a gauntlet of predators on their way to the water.

What amphibians do snapping turtles eat?

snapping turtles eat frogs, newts and other small amphibians. what ever fits in their mouth they will eat

Are there small reptiles that eat plants?

yes, small species of turtles

Do sea turtles eat seaweed?

yes the turtles eat seaweed.wen they r small then also they tace a plate size food

Is it bad to put fishes and small turtles together in a fish tank?

The turtles will eat the fish.

A word starting with Q that relates to turtles?

quail because sometimes large turtles eat smal quails. this rarely happens, but large turtles will eat small birds.

How much food a sea turtle eat?

enough so that your turtles are not full.If they are small turtles, feed them small peices of food :o]

Do big turtles eat small turtles?

no it cant because i assume that any turtle big or small can bite through another turtles shell but its nature so i may be wrong.

Do raccoons eat turtles?

Raccoons will feed on turtles, especially small ones. They especially love to eat turtle eggs.

What do river turtles eat?

Small fish and large fish it depends how big or small they are.

Do groundhogs eat puppies?

No, groundhogs will not eat puppies, but it is known that they will eat small birds and turtles.

What kind of fish do snapping turtles eat?

small ones

What does a aligater eat?

fish, turtles, snakes and small mammals

What do pet baby turtles like to eat?

They like to eat small chunks of vegetables.

Can you put fish and water turtles together?

Turtles eat fish, so unless they are big fish and small turtles, the fish are going to disappear.