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Highest payed players earns how much

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Q: What do sofapaka players earn in Kenya?
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Who were the Kenya premier league winners in 2009?

The Kenya premier league champions in 2009 were Sofapaka.

How much money does Kenya earn in a year?

how much dose kenya earn in a year

How much a doctor earn in Kenya?


How much does a dentist in Kenya earn?


How much does a factory worker in Kenya earn?


How much does a civil engineer earn in Kenya?


How much Kenyan shillings does an average lawyer earn in Kenya?

they earn 400 shilling a month

How did Kenya earn her independence?

it was very smart.. it was very smart..

How much do electrical Engineers in Kenya earn?

155000 kes

How much does an engineer earn in Kenya?

An engineer working in Kenya makes a monthly salary of 136,652 KES ( $1,543.22 US). In a year, they will earn around 1,639,824 KES ($18,513.63 US).

Who much does the average person earn in Kenya?

around 10p a week

What are the top thirty pharmaceutical companies in the Kenya?

top losistics players providing service to pharmaceutical sector in Kenya ?

In Kenya how much does the average person earn?

Not much. so hepl them out please....

How much do an officer in cadet Kenya earn per month?

15K only

What do soccer players earn?

Money. Fame.

Is there any sports players or famous teams in Kenya?

no i dont believe that their is any

How much does a university teacher with an MA earn in Kenya?

like 2 dollars an hour.

How much money does Kenya earn per year from safari parks?

698,000 approx

How much do semi professional English football players earn?

championship players earn thousands league 1 thousands league 2 thousand

How much does championship players earn a year?


What do rugby players earn?

Usually about £100.000 a year

How much do Chelsea players earn a week?


What do professional women basketball players earn yearly?


Rugby players salary?

top players earn between 30k and 100 k a game

How much does accountants in Kenya with degree in bcom and cpak earn?

About Kshs 800,000 per month