What do tattoo artists charge for tattoos?

sometimes its not by hour its by how detailed and how much color . and time they put in it i have a tattoo that was 40 dollars and i have one that's 160 dollars it all depends really


Tattoo charges will vary around the world, and the level of the artist. For the most part, they will charge by the hour. I have seen as low as $65 an hour and as high as $450 an hour with a $1000 minimum (tv show special rate). Some artist will charge based on size or complexity, and I have even seen some charge based on a square inch cost. Average across the US is roughly $125 an hour with a $60 minimum. Keep in mind though, that this is something that is on your body for the rest of you life. Make sure the money you are spending is worth the art work. I believe that it was Gil Monte said once, that a good tattoo isn't cheap, and a cheap tattoo isn't good. Granted, this was coming from a tattoo artist that charges $285 an hour with the $1000 minimum at the seatle convention in 2006, but his work is well worth it...