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What do the car keys mean on the getaway black monday?


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2010-01-12 18:47:38
2010-01-12 18:47:38

uhhh are you all stupid or something they are car keys so obviously for a car

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I have no idea what you mean by "identify", but the black keys are sharp and flat notes...

36 Black Keys On a Piano36 B K on a P means 36 black keys on a piano.

Yes! But the tone of each keys are different. Actually, it depends on what you mean. If you mean the number of black and what keys on the keyboard, no, they do not all have the same number. A "standard" piano has 88 keys, and that is the most common, but not all pianos have that number.

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Look at the keys. You can see the black ones come in sets of three and two.D is the white key directly between the TWO black keys.Now go to the black key just to the left of the D key.Or choose any of the left-most black keys of any of the sets of TWO black keys.That is the D-flat key. I assume your Db was meant to indicate D-flat, because Db by itself is not a standard musical term that I'm aware of. It is, however, a very clever way of typing it here if you mean D-flat.The piano only has ABCDEF and G keys and their sharps and flats. So they repeat up and down the keyboard.

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keys are put on maps to show what certain symbols mean.

If you mean the keys to a business, then the management usually has insurance to cover the replacement cost of keys and locks.

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