What do the colors red and green make when mixed?


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It will go like a dirty yellow :)

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Red and green make an odd sort of brown when mixed together,assuming you mean paint.

You can make any color out of blue, red, and yellow, but no colors can be mixed to make those three colors. Blue+Red= Purple Blue+Yellow= Green Yellow+Red= Orange White+Red= Pink

It depends on the color you want to make...For example, red + blue = purple yellow + red = orange red + white = pink green + yellow = blue yellow + blue = green

Black Or Brown. They are both primary colors.

primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. you need them to mix and make colors like green (blue and yellow mixed) and purple (blue and red mixed).

Red is a primary color so there isn't any way to make red. a primary color is one that no two colors mixed together could make it. the three primary colors are red blue and yellow. Then there are secondary colors. which are just the primary colors mixed together. purple, orange, green. simple! hope this helped!:)

Red, green and blue are the Primary colors. They mix to make the Secondary colors, like purple (from blue and red) or orange (from red and yellow). Colors that are mixed from two secondary colors are called complementary colors. To get green you would have to mix blue and yellow, which are both primary colors; so green is a secondary color.

Blue is a primary color and is not a mixed color. You can mix the primary colors of blue, red, and green to make other colors. Blue and red make purple.

They make brown. Red and yellow make orange, which is complimentary to blue. When complimentary colors are mixed they turn brown. Other complimentary colors and purlple (blue and red) and yellow, and green (blue and yellow) and red. I hope this helped.

red and green are complimentary colors so they make brown when mixed and you can keep adding yellow until it is tan.

Yellow and orange mixed together make the color red.

Red with a little black mixed in.

Orange and Blue. or just green and red

Maybe yellow with a little green and maybe a dab of red.

When the colors red and blue are mixed they make purple.

A TV emits photons of different colors in the visible electromagnetic spectrum. A human can "see" 4 different colors: red, green, blue and violet. The eyes violet photo-receptors are very weak and can be ignored. A TV therefore emits 3 different colors: red, green and blue. If these colors are mixed, the color will appear white. To achieve a color of yellow, the colors red and green are mixed.

It is brown mixed with red in it

Red, blue, and yellow are primary colors. No other colors make them. They are mixed to make other colors...

Yellow is one of 3 primary colors, the other 2 are blue and red. Yellow mixed with blue will make green.

Red and green are mixed to get the color yellow (and to get the colors orange and brown).

Two primary colors (red, yellow, blue) when mixed will create a secondary color, (purple, orange or green).

There are two colors of light that, when mixed, produce the color orange. These two colors are high-intensity red and low-intensity green.

No colors can make red. Red is a primary color, and can be mixed with other primary colors to make different colors.

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