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well it actually is the sybles in the flag


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it means there's that many religions in that country

What do the colours on the new brunswick flag mean

Well it actually is the sybles in the flag.Read more: What_do_the_colours_on_the_bosnian_flag_mean

it means that they had color back then.

the 5 rings are the 5 continents. the colours of the rings are of every flag in the world has at least one of these colours in their flag.

There is no orange on the German flag. The colours of the German flag are black, red and gold

I have no idea . But it symbolizes friendship?

It stands for the land of the Catalonia.

green:charity white:snow red:blood

"the lone star" the flag of Texas is the exact same colours as the flag for the united states.

The England flag is the flag of St George which is a red 'addition' cross on a white background. If you mean the British flag, known as the Union Flag and sometimes incorrectly as the Union Jack, it is an amalgamation of the English, Scottish and Northern Ireland flags and the colours are of no particular significance.

The colors on the Spanish flag are based on the Heraldic schemes of the Crown of Aragon.

They represent the ruling House of Grimaldi.

Well aren't they surposed to tell me

it means grass, clouds and fire.

what does the colours on the Italy flag main.

3 colours on the United States flag

Colors of the Filipino flag: Red: bravery Blue: peace White: purity

I presume you mean the French flag, it has the colours: blue, white, red, vertically positioned.

Originated fron the Union Jack. These colours were worn by the English armies and were Royal colours

i think it means America is free from the wars

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