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Dimensions in general represent degrees of freedom in motion. That means each dimension adds one independent direction in which an object may move.

Additional dimensions beyond the 3 basic and 1 time dimension work in the same way. However I suspect the question originates from the added dimensions that string theory (and other theories) proposes.

In that case it is important to note that these additional dimensions are curled up in a complex structure known as a Calabi-Yau manifold. These structures are very small and therefore cannot be seen with the eye.

A good example given by Brian Greene in one of his books is that of a garden hose which has ants walking on it. The hose represents a two dimensional space, one in the direction of the hose, and one which moves the ant around it. Close up you can clearly see that you have these two degrees of freedom.

However if you move far away the hose will appear to be a line and the second (curled up) dimension appears to vanish. In the same way the curled up dimensions that string theory predicts are also invisible to the naked eye, although they might eventually be probed by particle collider experiments.

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Q: What do the dimensions other than the three cartesian dimensions and one time dimension represent?
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What is an other dimension?

An "other dimension" is a dimension other than the three dimensions of space and one of time that we normally experience.

What is the closest demention to ours?

The word is dimension. And no dimensions other than our own are known to exist. Everything about other dimensions is purely a theoretic exercise.

Do bees exist in other dimensions?

why dont you just go to the other dimension and see for yourself.

Are there other dimensioons?

It all depends what you mean by dimensions - for example in geometry a point is said to have zero dimension a figure having length, such as a line has one dimension a plane or surface has two dimensions a figure having volume has three dimensions the fourth dimension is said to be time any other dimension can not be represented visually but may be dealt with mathematically

Which are the eleven dimensions in universe?

The first dimension is primary (length). The second dimension is secondary (width). The third dimmension is tertiary (height). Those are the 3 basic spatial dimensions. The fourth dimension is time. The fifth dimension is the rotation of primary. The sixth dimension is the rotation of secondary (and primary). The seventh dimension is the rotation of tertiary (secondary and primary). The eighth dimension is the pulse of time. The ninth dimension is the energy radiation of primary. The tenth dimension is the energy radiation of secondary. The eleventh dimension is the energy radiation of tertiary. In total there are 10 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension, in other words, 11 spacetime dimensions.

How is the fourth dimension the time?

The fourth dimension is not "time'. The fourth dimension is a real space dimension r=ct, where c is the speed of light and the fourth dimension r is the product of 'c' and time which gives a real number distance. The other three dimensions are vector dimensions V= Ix + Jx + Ky. The vectors I, J and K are unit vectors with the vector property I2=J2=K2=IJK= - 1. So, all the dimensions are units of space!

What is a Cartesian graph and what does it represent?

A cartesian graph is a graph in which y is some function of x. This is the 'normal' type in which you can give an x and y coordinate. Other types include polar in which modulus is a function of argument, but there are loads of varieties and forms.

Are there any formulas for other dimensions?

Sort of. Superstring theory is solvable only in 11 dimensions. Whether or not these dimension exist and what they mean is still to be determined. Google "string theory".

What is a reference dimension in an engineering drawing?

A reference dimension is a dimension that is not crucial for the effective use of the part. Reference dimensions are not inspected.A reference dimension may also be a dimension that is shown elsewhere in the drawing but is shown in the current view to help clarify the position of other features in the view. This practice eliminates "double-dimensioning" which is not acceptable in drafting standards.

What do you do when you get to the other dimension on Phineas and Ferb 2d yourself?

you just walk around and go back and forth between the dimensions

How many squre feet to 12 meter?

You need more dimensions. Square feet cannot convert to meters. One is an area measurement (two dimensions) and the other is linear (one dimension).

What is zero dimension?

Zero dimension is a property of the mathematical concept of an ideal point in space. It has no dimensions of distance - length, breadth or height, nor of any of the other fundamental measures such as mass, time etc.

What is the meaning of international dimension?

The international dimensions represents events originating in foreign countries as ell as opportunities for U.S. companies in other countries.

What is a dimension in physics?

A continuum of a measureable quantity that cannot be resolved from a linear arrangement of any other dimensions. Usual dimensions might be space and time, measured with three orthogonal spatial axes and one for time.

What is spatial dimension?

Spatial (infrequently spelled spacial) dimensions are those which we normally associate with the characteristics of height, length, width. It would be correct to say that a cube has three equal spatial dimensions. The term dimension is used to refer to the size of something, so spatial dimension is the aspect of the physical extent, or spatial extend, of an object. One may also speak of other measurements of size, the one frequently juxtaposed with spatial is the temporal extent of something. A person's age is a size in the time dimension. The universe is known to have three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. (Theoretical physics has produced conjectures that there are actually more than these four, string theory being one area of current research which asserts the possibility that there are actually 10 or 11 or more dimensions in the universe.) The concept of dimensions is not limited to space and time. In mathematics, the size of an array of N rows and M columns is said to two-dimensional and N is the column dimension and M is the row dimension. This idea generalizes to more than just two and can even be extended to include the concept of infinite dimensional objects. The concept of size or extent, hence the concept of dimension, goes beyond physics and mathematics and one can, for example, speak of the color dimensions something may have. In short, a spatial dimension refers to physical size in one direction in space and there are three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension that are intrinsic to the universe in which we live.

How does dimension change?

The length (one of the spatial dimensions) of an aluminum rod increases when the temperature of the rod increases (so does the height and width of the rod - the other two spatial dimensions - but for a thin rod those changes are not as noticeable.

What is a sentence for the word dimensions?

You didn't say which meaning of the word you want to use. If you mean the measured dimensions of a thing, you could say "The dimensions of the square are 3 inches by 3 inches." You might also say "I need to measure the dimensions of the bedroom so I know how much paint to buy." If you mean other planes of existence, you could say "The alien came from another dimension." You can also say "That is an entirely different dimension than what we are talking about now."

Do other dimensions exist?

Actually there is one other dimension called the 4th dimension because when you attract a paper clip to a magnet how does it attract without gravity not allowing it to happen and that means that magnetism is stronger than gravity so what is in between the paper clip and the magnet and magnetism? The question remains is there actually a 4th dimension? It is all speculation and theories, there has yet to be much solid proof. Though this does not mean alternate dimensions are impossible and many scientist up to this day have been studying if there is a 4th dimension or is it just that it is part of nature and that humans can never answer this question.

How do you create a doorway or charm something to take you to another dimension?

There is no known way of doing that. Nor is there any evidence of the existence of those "other dimensions".

The perimeter of a rectangle is 28 one is six less tha thrice the other what is the dimension of the rectangle?

The dimensions work out as length = 9 and width = 5

Is there life on a different dimension?

"Dimension" is not a place. It is a word that describes aspects of a thing. We ourselves have four dimensions. We have length, width, depth and duration. That is to say each human is a certain height, a certain width and a certain thickness - and additionally we last a certain length of time. Interestingly, we regard some life forms as flat, and thus in a sense living in the two spatial dimensions of length and width, having duration (a time dimension) but no thickness, so no depth dimension. However, we know that they do have a certain depth, just very, very minute, so these too have the same four dimensions we do. The existence of other dimensions has been speculated, and is an important facet of modern theories in physics. If so, we may "live in" (or more accurately "have") those dimensions to some minor degree, the same way a flat cell "lives in"/has the third spatial dimension.

The dimensions of a rectangular solids are 8 Cm and 12 Cm can you tell what the surface area is?

the area of a 2D shape with dimensions 8cm and 12cm is 96cm2, but if you're talking about surface area of a 3D shape then you need the other dimension.

How many millimeters in 500 milligrams?

You cannot associate weight with length. You need to find the shape and other dimensions, and the density before you find a particular dimension.

Would a black hole count as having the 4th dimension apart from time?

No. It would have the same number of dimensions as any other body of mass; 11.

What is the definition of scale factor?

The scale factor between two similar shapes is the ratio of the dimensions of one (often the smaller) compared with the dimension of the other (the larger).