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The AFL is the Australian Football League (a soccer league like the MLS in the US or UEFA in Europe)

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AFL stands for Australian Football League

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Australian Football League

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American Football League

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Q: What do the letter AFL stand for in sporting terms?
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What sporting teams use the same method to work out a ladder like the AFL?

window cleaners

How did AFL become popular?

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the major professional Australian national competition in the sport of Australian rules football and is Australia's biggest sporting competition in terms of membership, TV audiences, corporate sponsorship and attendances (ranked 4th in the world for average domestic sport attendances)

What does AFL stand for in Australia?

Australian Football League

Who are the people that stand behind the goals during an AFL match?

The Goal Umpires

What does football stand for in sports?

Afl ist for puge and its fun to play when with your on you r mum.

What stand's for AFL?

Arena football league or American football league or American Federation of Labor

Is AFL the most attended sport in Australia?

Yes; the AFL competition is by far the most attended sporting competition in Australia. The sport itself is not called 'AFL', but Australian Rules Football. Even here, too, Australian football across all its competitions within Australia is the most publicly attended of all sports within the country if the country is considered as a whole.

What three Australian sporting teams do not have a name that is an animal?

AFL Teams Carlton - The Blues Essendon - The Bombers Fremantle - The Dockers Port Adelaide - Port Power St. Kilda - The Saints

Why did tom wills invent AFL?

Tom Wills invested Australian Rules Football (AFL is a leage, not a sport - the sport is Australian Rules) to keep cricketers fit during winter. A letter by Tom Wills was published in Bell's Life in Victoria & Sporting Chronicle on 10 July 1858, calling for a "foot-ball club," or some other "athletic game," with a "code of laws" to keep cricketers fit during winter.

What is the difference in salaries between the AFL and AFL 2?

There is no AFL 2!

Where can you AFL tops from?

the afl store

Which AFL team joined the AFL in 1995?

The Fremantle Dockers joined the AFL in 1995.