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What do the markings on a household electrical fuse mean?

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2007-06-21 00:17:37

all fuses are rated for several things voltage, amps,

interupping capacity (IC) in addition they are divided into various

feature and size types; most types are designated by a combination

of letters which varies by brand, but most firms make equivilent

types. Some examples are "FRN" "NON" "FRS" "KTK" "LPS" "FMN"

Typical household fuses are rated 250 volt, 10,000 IC The smallest

are usually 15 amps and the largest are usually 100 amp (at the

service) Some are "time-delay" for motors, and some are plain -

"time-delay" is one of the special features I mentioned There are

large special fuses that can cost upwards of $3,000 each, but not

for a house.

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