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What do the markings on a household electrical fuse mean?

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all fuses are rated for several things voltage, amps, interupping capacity (IC) in addition they are divided into various feature and size types; most types are designated by a combination of letters which varies by brand, but most firms make equivilent types. Some examples are "FRN" "NON" "FRS" "KTK" "LPS" "FMN" Typical household fuses are rated 250 volt, 10,000 IC The smallest are usually 15 amps and the largest are usually 100 amp (at the service) Some are "time-delay" for motors, and some are plain - "time-delay" is one of the special features I mentioned There are large special fuses that can cost upwards of $3,000 each, but not for a house.

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What does fuse mean in science?

Fuse comes from the Latin and means melt, (or pour). So when we melt a salt it becomes fused. (As in pottery glazes.) Similarly it can mean mixed together. And a fusible link in an electrical circuit is called a fuse.

What do the markings on a electrical fuse mean?

If a fuse has for instance T 3.15A L 250V marked on it this denotes the following: T= Speed of blow. (T-Time delay; F- Fast; M- Medium; TT- very slow; FF- Very fast) 3.15A= The current rating of the fuse in Amps L= Breaking capacity (L- Low {Glass}; H- High {Ceramic}; E- Enhanced {Glass}) 250V= Voltage rating. (maximum circuit voltage) Other markings may include stamps of Standards Associations and Societies.

What does the letter l mean in t 6.3al250v?

6.3AL250V are markings on a fuse. 6.3 (A)mperes (L)ow Breaking capacity 250 (V)olts

On the fuse box what does spare blank fuse mean?

Spare, or Blank Fuse SlotsThe meaning of the terms "spare," or "blank" when in reference to empty slots in a fuse panel means that the slot is NOT for an electrical circuit, but instead is a place where a spare fuse may be stored until needed.

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The number on a car fuse refers to the Ampage of that fuse , each electrical component on any car has its own or shared fuse with a certain Amp rating, they are normally colour coded too and are to be replaced with one of the same Amp rating for protection.

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If you mean to replace fuses with circuit breakers, Then yes it is wise to upgrade your main electrical service. if you mean he wants to take a wire and bridge the gap in which a fuse would normally go then no I would not agree. it has a fuse to start with for a reason. bypassing a fuse is a good way to fry your... car / house / whatever you are bypassing

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