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According my studies they suggest that Romeo was confused about love, had conflicting feelings (oxymorons being opposite therefore conflicting words). At the Rosalie stage, he more liked the idea of love rather than new true love, just spoke nonsense and drivel like he thought he ought to (Pertrachan lover) rather than real truth. But when in love with Juliet, he only spoke like that because their love was wonderful, meant to be fate etc.. yet terrible,painful (opposites..) at the same time because of the trouble/danger of the feud.

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The oxymorons Romeo uses, like "feather of lead" and "bright smoke," suggest that he is feeling conflicted and confused. They reflect the contradictory emotions he is experiencing, such as love and despair, that are overwhelming him in that moment.

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There are a whole lot of them in Act 3 Scene 2 around line 75. "Beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical" are a couple of them.

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Well, his soul is made of lead, so he's feeling depressed.

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Q: What do the oxymorons suggest about Romeo's mood?
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