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they are Allen head bolt covers

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Are plastic caps insulators?

Depends on the kind of plastic, but most are.

Is there any organization that collects plastic bottle caps that you could donate to?

Aveda is a beauty care product company and is accepting plastic bottle caps that they have recyled into new caps and containers for their products.

How much gun powder is in caps?

depends on if it is roll caps made of paper or plastic caps they all have different amounts.

What are bottle caps made of?

The caps on plastic 2-liter bottles of soda and bottles of water are made of plastic. Other bottle caps are made of steel, and some are made from aluminum lined with polyethylene.

What are wheel center caps made of?

Wheel center caps are generally made of aluminum or chrome plastic.

What is the plastic material for spout cap?

Plastic is generally the plastic material that is used for spout caps. The materials used for spout caps must be non-permiable and must be strong enough to withstand many types of liquids.

Is collecting plastic caps helping chemo treatments and medical insurance?

St. Lukes in the Lehigh Valley Pa randomly collects plastic bottle caps for different children.

Is there air passage across the glass bottles with plastic caps?

No,there not

What are the plastic things you put on the car wheel?

Hub caps?

Can you put plastic bottle caps in the garbage disposal?

Yes you can. It is not plastic,so it can be put in a garbage cointanier.

How do you remove the U-Joints on a 2000 S-10 are they pressed in?

The caps are held in place by injected plastic, press them out either with a press or with undesize and oversize socket and hammer method, the plastic will break and allow the caps to press out. Do not use a torch, you risk exploding the caps out of the yoke causing personal injury. The plastic does not need to be melted out to release the caps. good luck

What are some domestic uses for plastic caps?

There are a number of different craft that can be made by using plastic caps. Some of the ideas for reusing these caps are kids crafts such as making lady bug toys or fridge magnets. By using toothpicks these can be made into spinning tops, or one can even use the caps to make pin cushions.

Why does people remove the caps on plastic bottles specially on festivals?

People usually remove the caps on plastic bottles specially on festivals so as to make the water bottle less painful as the water leaks out.

Where do you get the plastic caps for furniture legs?

Most hardware stores will have them in their housewares section.

Where can you find recycle code 7?

you can find them on the bottem of plastic drink bottles and in side the tops of plastic drink bottle caps.

Why can't you recycle bottle caps?

probably the plastic they are made from isn't yet recyclable.

How do you remove the plastic thing that is on the inside of bottle caps?

With a butter knife. Just dig it.

What project can you do with plastic bags milk jugs and bottle caps?

Whatever project you want to do with that.

Where can you buy replacement plastic feet for your garden swing seat?

where can you buy plastic swing seat feet grips or caps that go on the bottom

What type of plastic is bottle cap made from?

Bottle caps are made not out of PET plastic because that would make the separation from the bottle imposible, PET does not float, so the caps have to be HDPE, PP or other plastic that is less dense than water, thus makin the separation process posible when the bottles are recycled.

What can't be recycled?

Some things that can not be recycled are, Styrofoam, caps to plastic bottles, and pizza boxes. Plastic bags too, they just get thrown away.

Can plastic bottle caps be recycled?

All plastic can be recycled, so, yes, plastic bottle tops can be recycled.But maybe your town or city doesn't recycle them. So check.Bottle tops are usually made from Plastic #5 and the bottles are usually made from Plastic #1. So they have to be separated.Take the bottle caps OFF and then recycle both the cap and the bottle.A:Plastic recycling is very complex and requires that the same types of plastics be separated from other types so as to not ruin the meld. Also, just because plastic has the "chasing arrows" doesn't mean that they are recyclable in your area. This just tells the trained eye what type of plastic they are. The tops of the water bottles are often made from a plastic resin which is obviously different from the plastic used to make the bottle. When plastic is recycled and melted down it is crucial that all the plastic is the same type. If different plastics gets mixed into a batch, the batch is downgraded.To be safe, I would at minimum remove the plastic bottle cap from the bottle to make the recycling process easier.See the link below.Yes indeed, they should be recycled. They are a different kind of plastic, so they should not be left on the bottles.I have as yet only found one company that recycles plastic bottle caps. Aveda is a beauty care product company and is accepting plastic bottle caps that they have recyled into new caps and containers for their products. See their web site: I would love to hear of any other locations for recycling bottle caps.

How do you remove the plastic lug nut caps on a 88 GT Fiero?

unscrew them like a lugnut

What recycling companies in PA will give go money for turning in plastic bottle caps?


Why people should not chew on plastic and pen caps?

Because if it falls off the end you can choke on it