What do the red white and blue colors on Norway's flag mean?

The Norwegian flag had been discussed and planned and drafted since the constitution was written in 1814. The three colors we have were not the only propositions: green was also mentioned as a neutral color nobody could take offence of! The final flag was a compromise that everybody could agree on; Danes, Swedes or Norwegian patriots. The red basic color was taken from Denmark, the blue cross was meant to represent Sweden, and the white frame around the cross made it the tricolor of freedom and placed Norway among the other free nations. Another explanation of the white color, is that several Norwegian kings had used this color in their banners and weapons.


The colors where to represent the colors from Denmark and Sweden, also, they where taken from other democratic countries, especially the French revolution. Therefor, it's safe to say that white, blue and red means the same in Norway as for other democratic countries with those colors: Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Freedom (blue), equality (white), brothership(red))