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Q: What do the scientist believe brought water to earth?
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What extraterrestrial body do scientist think brought water to earth surface?


Which of extraterrestrial bodies do scientist think brought water to Earth's surface?

Comets, because they are made from ice and dirt.

Why scientist believe there might be water on the moon?

Why do scientists believe there might be water on the Moon?

What do scientist believe happened to the water on mars?

its all red

What do scientist believe cause the grand canyon?

Water erosion

What planet do scientist believe used to have flowing water?


How are earth and it's moon alike?

Some Scientist believe that an asteroid struck the earth will it was first forming in its molting lava stat causing some of it to split off and form the Moon. The Moon has the same rock and make of as the Earth, but with out the atmosphere or water.

Why do scientist believe that they might be water on the moon?

they already found gallons on the moon

Which Greek scientist theorized that the earth was a disk floating on water?

Thales of Miletus

How do scientist think earths oceans formed?

* Some scientists suggest "they may have formed because the young Earth had a thick blanket of hydrogen, which reacted with oxides in the Earth's mantle to form lakes and seas." To read the article, click on the Related Link. * An article in Wikipedia says that "many scientists believe that comets bombarding the young Earth (about 4 billion years ago) brought the vast quantities of water that now fill the Earth's oceans."

Why do scientist say water is first found on earth?

Because that is the first place they found it. It is not the only or the first place to actually have water, but Earth is where we found it first.

Which planet known as wattery planet?

Earth. Scientist were almost about to call earth "Water" instead. The earth is the watery planet because it is has 2/3 of the ratio water/land. Hoped that Helped!!