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The speed sensor on the trans.

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Q: What do the speedometer and cruise control have in common that would make both stop working at the same time on a 94 Saturn?
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What might be reasons other than the speed sensor for the speedometer not working on a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria?

Speedometer cable (most common) Speedometer head Gear on transmission end of speedometer cable

The speedometer on your 2003 vw passat doesnt work how can you fix it?

There are several things that can cause your speedometer to stop working. The most common cause is a blown fuse. The second most common cause is a malfunctioning speedometer cable.

Peugeot 406 speedometer working only after 60mph the rest of dashboard working fine?

You can try to knock on the dashboard area around the speedometer. Or you could resolder the PCB on the backside of your speedo. A very common problem on 406's You can try to knock on the dashboard area around the speedometer. Or you could resolder the PCB on the backside of your speedo. A very common problem on 406's

What causes a 2001 Saturn LS speedometer odometer gas gauge to fluctuate wildly?

BCM being faulty is the most common cause of this concern

Speedometer and rpm gage not working on 2004 Izuzu Ascender?

Probably the stepper motors that control the needles. Common failure and can be ordered on eBay and replaced. We have a how to with pics for the procedure on our enthusiasts forum. Yes your Ascender is a relative of ours!

How do you fix a speedometer in a 1994 Ford Tempo?

The most common reason for a speedometer to fail is a broken speedometer cable. Loosen the nuts on each end of the speedometer cable. Remove the speedometer cable retaining clips. Reverse the process to install the new speedometer cable.

What does Saturn have in common with Saturn?

Just about everything, actually.

Where might you locate the cause speedometer and Odometer not working 1994 Saturn Sc1?

The most common reason believe it or not is the seat belt contorl unit in the center console right below the park brake.....People spill coffee on it and other liquids and cause it to fault. This is assuming you have the old style with Auto shoulder belts...

Why does the speedometer on your 2003 galant not work?

There are several things that can cause your 2003 Mitsubishi Gallant speedometer not to work. The most common cause is a malfunctioning speedometer cable.

Why would a 2003 ford focus stn run well but the heat and gas gauges and speedometer are not working.?

The power or ground connections to the instrument cluster could be bad. Check the fuses, then the wiring to the dash to find a common problem for the heat, gauges and speedometer.

Why has the Cruise control on 2000 grand marquis stopped working?

The most common cause for a cruise control that stops working is that the electrical components or switches have stopped working. Sometimes taking it apart and cleaning the contacts will fix the problem.?æ

How do you fix a 2005 mustang speedometer?

It's totally fixable. This is pretty common on the 2005 Mustangs, it's caused by failing stepper motors in the instrument cluster, they control the movement of the gauges. There's a guide on how to fix them here -

Solution for the steering power problem of a Saturn ion 2003?

I have a 2006 Ion - the power steering went out. My dealer said that this was a common problem - Saturn was working on a recall. They took care of replacing the steering column - no charge.

How do you fix the speedometer on a 1992 Dodge Shadow it does not work at all?

Most common would be speedometer cable has broken Remove speedometer head and move vehicle to see if cable moves- if not probably broken - if it does probably problem with speedometer head

What do Uranus and Saturn have in common?

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What does Pluto and Saturn have in common?

Pluto and Saturn have almost nothing in common save for a few gases. Saturn is twice the size of Pluto, which as of right now, is a current debate on whether or not it is a planet at all.

What makes a speedometer not read right and how do I repair?

Could be a loose cable (connection on the back of the speedometer). In today's electronics on cars it's best to take it to a mechanic who knows what they are doing for the repair. You might want to save the money, but if you mess something else up trying to fix the one thing it might cost you even more.

What does Saturn and Uranus have in common?

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What does Mercury and Saturn have in common?

they are both planets

What makes a 1999 Saturn sl2 tranny jump out of gear?

standard or automatic? If automatic need to do line pressure test but common cause is the pressure control solenoid

What could cause the rpm gauge not to work on a 2004 silverado 1500 4.8 V8 to stop working?

Bad stepper motor in instrument cluster. Very common problem. Search for "speedometer whizard" in Google.

Your Chevy blazer speedometer stoped working and wont shift gears?

Speed sensor on Trans, or buffer behind dash... OR, any broken wires in this circuit. Very common problem on this and many other vehicles.

Can anyone list the recalls for the 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LT or tell me where to find the answer on the web My interest is defective speedometer.?

There is no recall on the speedometer, though it a very common problem.

Another What are fact about Saturn?

What is the gasses of Saturn? Mainly hydrogen, with helium the next most common gas.

Your 1999 sable odometer does not work?

Check VSS(vehicle speed sensor)on tranny,the most common problem of speedometer errs,providing your vehicle is equipped with a speedometer cable.Also,VSS,will cause erratic speedometer reads. - Big Daddy