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They plot to kill Telemachus on the seas before he returns to Ithaca.

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Q: What do the suitors do when they find out Telemachus has sailed to search for news of his father?
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In book 2 of the Odyssey how does Athena help Telemachus?

She told him not to mind the suitors, but to dine with them and then prepare for going to search for his father, Odysseus.

Who persuades Telemachus to search for his father?

Athena is in disguise and persuades telemachus to find his father

What persuades Telemachus to continue his search for his father?

The goddess, Athene, goes in disguise to Ithaca to encourage Telemachus to deal in a manly fashion with the Suitors who are courting his mother, Penelope, and with finding out what has happened to his father. She plays a large role in aiding Telemachus to search for his father, primarily because she was very fond of Odysseus and wanted him to return home to Ithaca. Telemachus would also play a role in the battle in the hall, very important for Odysseus' success.

How does Athena present herself to Telemakhos?

She disguises herself as Telemachus's family friend, Mentes. She wants to convince Mentes to confront his mother's suitors, and for him to search for his father Odysseus.

What advice did Athene give to Telemachus in The Odyssey?

She gives Telemachus the advice to go in search of news of his father, Odysseus.

In the text The Odyssey what is an example of the call to adventure?

I think that an example of "the call to adventure" plays out in Telemachus' odyssey. I recall it was Athena who pushes Telemachus to sail out in search of new of his father, a risky maneuver because of the perils he could face in open sea, and the suitors that plot to kill him on his way back.

Where does Athena tell telemachus to sail to in search of his father?

Athena tells him to go to Nestor and then to go to Menalos

In The Odyssey by Homer how are the human characters of Odysseus and Telemachus related?

Telemachus is the son of Odysseus. The first four books of the Odyssey describe Telemachus' travels in search of news of his missing father; they are sometimes called the Telemachy.

What does Telemachus' name mean in Greek?

In Greek, "Telemachus" means "far from battle". Telemachus is a figure in Greek mythology, the son of Odysseus and Penelope. The first four books of the Odyssey is focused on Telemahus' journeys in search of news about his father.

What did antinous and 20 other suitors want to do to telemachus?

they wanted to jump him when telemachus was coming back to shore after a trip to search for his father. they were hiding in a shore, Athene said to poseidon theres a ship from Ithaca, lets give odysses's friends a scare (or sumthing like that) and so they put a fog around the ship (athene is actually on odysses's side and the ship was holding the suiters). So then telemachus waltz right past the suiters without a second glance. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!

Where did telemachus live in the odyssey-address?

Telemachus was Odysseus' son. In the Odyssey, he spends much of the story either travelling in search of his father or staying in Sparta as a guest of King Menelaos, but his official place of residence is the island of Ithaca.

He sailed a ship called the argos in search of the golden fleece?

Jason sailed a ship called Argos in his quest for the golden fleece. Jason pursued the fleece to retake his throne from his uncle who killed Jason's father.

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