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What do they do to pierce your belly button...what steps?

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Piercing a Belly Button with a Safety PinI would have to say no! That would be a stupid idea. Your belly button would most likely get infected. If you want it pierced, go to a professional.

You need a steel that will not deposit nickel salts into your body causing you to become sensitive or allergic to the jewelry. It can also cause infections. You need to use 316L or 316LVM Surgical/implant grade stainless steel.

The reasons you should not attempt to pierce your self should be obvious, but for those who think it's a "DIY" project, here's some food for thought.

Infection and contraction of MRSA, HIV, Meningitis, Hepatitis and Tetanus are all very serious health issues, MRSA is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that can in most cases land the unlucky individual in the hospital (and has been responsible for serious deformities and deaths). These infections has been caused by using unsterilized equipment and materials. Sterilization is not achieved by pouring alcohol over needles and jewellery, or burning these items over a fire or exposed flame. Microorganisms live in the fine fissures and cracks in needles and jewellery and only the high temperature and pressure of a steam Autoclave can render these and many other bacteria harmless.

The above reasons alone should be enough to sway anyone from thinking they can do it themselves. Professional body piercers have years for hands on training and education to enable them to make any piercing "look simple", when in fact they are considering dozens of things when they lay out a piercing and actually do it. So consider your lack of knowledge, training and skills before you attempt to do any self piercing, once you pierce it, it's damaged tissue. This makes it even more difficult for a professional piercer to leave you with a great looking piercing when the area we have to work with is damaged by self inflicted attempts.

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How do you pierce you own belly button?

You should not pierce your own belly button. In most cases you get infections.

Can you pierce your belly button with a belly button ring?


What is the painless way to pierce your belly?

Really, unless you are put out or take an anesthetic, there isn't a painless way to pierce your belly.

What are the steps to piercing your belly button?

Here are the steps:Get in your car.Drive to a tattoo and piercing placeMake sure that everything in the shop looks clean and in orderGet your belly button pierced by a professionalGet all the information you will need to care for and clean your belly button ring.DO NOT PIERCE IT YOURSELF!!! Even if you pierce it right, (you could go in too far and damage your stomach) it will still probably get seriously infected

What do they use to pierce your belly button?

A Needle.

In the UK can you get your belly button periced at 14?

If they have parental consent then they will pierce your belly button.

Is there only one place to pierce your belly button?

You can pierce your belly button anywhere you please really, talk to your piercer and they will let you know what your anatomy allows for.

What gauge needle do they pierce your belly with?

14 ga.

What does a belly button pierce mean?

it means to have a belly button (navel) piercing, whether its to have on or to get one done

Why women pierce their belly button?

To hang in the Air Freshener!

Does Jamie Lynn Spears have her belly button pierce?

ya she did

Are there any belly button piercing games?

I don't know so i think it is no but you can pierce your belly button.

How do you pierce you belly button at home?

Don't unless you want septisemia

Can you pierce a hairy belly?

ew. you prob could but why would you want to?

If you pierce your belly button does it make it more painful to give birth?


How pierce belly button?

just stab urself with a ring and find out

Can you pierce your belly button with a push pin?

No. Go to an expert to get it done.

How old do you have to be to pierce your belly button in California?

in most places 14

How old do you have to be to get a belly button pierced in Indiana?

The answer is you have to be 21 to pierce your body.

Can You get a Belly Button Peircing With a Inny?

absolutely some of my friends have it. they just pierce the actual belly button and not the skin on top of it like most belly piercings

What happens if you pierce your belly then you lose weight?

piercing in your belly and loosing the weight dont harm you at all in fact if you are a girl that will give you more sexy look for your belly

How do you pierce your belly button without the pain?

Get some ice from the freezer Rub it on your belly button put the pin through done ;)

How old do you have to be to pierce you belly button?

it doesnt really matter as long as you have a parent

How long until you can go into the ocean after you pierce your belly button?

3 months

How big is the needle they use to pierce your belly button?

It is huge and it hurts A TON!