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try cleaning the carb. generally when it starts and dies it is a sign of a blocked passage in the carb

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Q: What do to when the lawn mower stalls after 20 seconds?
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How many quarts of oil does a lawn mower take?

20 ounces

What is the cheapest you can charge for a half of acre with a lawn mower?

About 10-20$

What is the weight of a lawn mower?

It depends on the model. A standard is around 20-30 pounds for a typical push-mower though.

Ranch king lawn mower?

An MTD brand made for 20+ years. What is the actual question?

How many mph can a John Deere lawn mower get?

About 10-20 mph. It matters what gear your in.

How much money does a lawn mower cost?

The price of a lawn mower depends on the brand, model, horsepower, and width of cut. Some 20"-cut mowers retail from $99 - $149, while bigger mowers will run into the higher dollars. Another option would be to buy a used lawn mower.

What lawn mowers are available at the Home Depot?

Some of the lawn mowers home depot sells are Toro 20331 Self Propelled Lawn Mower, Great States 14 in. Reel Mower 304-14S, Snow Joe Sun, and Toro Lawn Boy 10603 20-Inch.

How much oil does a Briggs and Stratton 4.75 hp lawn mower need?

18 to 20 onces

Why does your huskey lawn tractor stall after running for 20 minutes?

because of grass colecting on the top of the cutting deck stops the belts that run the blades and the same belts conect to the engen and when the grass stops the belts it stops the pistons and stalls the mower

How to change oil filter on lawn mower?

most lawn mowers don,t have a oil filter, unless there up in the 20 hp range, or larger,

What spark plug for a 20 Murray 4hp lawn mower model 20415x8d?

what spark plug do i need for a 3.75

What episode of King of the hill does hank steal dales lawn mower?

Hank steals Dale's mower in Dog Dale Afternoon, Season 3 Episode 20.

How much oil does a Briggs and stratton 5.5 horse power lawn mower motor take?

You should always have 20 fluid ounces of oil in a Briggs and Stratton 5.5 HP lawn mower. This equals out to roughly 1.6 quarts.

How do you change a fuse on a lawn tractor?

I located mine under the dash on the right hand side of the mower. It had the number 20 shown as in 20 amps

Is it ok to use 20-50w engine oil in a lawn mower?

is it allright to use 20-50 engine oil if it states to use 30

What is better replace or repair a lawn mower?

That depends on the lawn mower, there are a lot of i.e. Honda mowers that they don't make anymore and will never again that are better than anything you can buy. Not to mention the quality of things made 20+ years ago.

Which push lawn mower is cost effective for a small yard?

The cheapest in the way of push lawn mowers is the Fiskers Reel mower. They are fairly inexpensive used at garage sales but hardware stores often sell them in new condition for only $20.

How do car engines pollute the air?

The same as lawn mower engines; a report stated that 20 percent of the usual release of CO2 from burning gasoline comes from lawn mowers.

Why will Weed Eater 20 Inch Lawn Mower will start but will not stay running?

clean the air filter air is being restricted

How much oil 4.5 HP yard works push lawn mower use?

20 oz max on basic 20 - 22 inch cut mowers

Amy uses 20 N of force to push a lawn mower 20 meters. How much work does she do?

Work = force x distance. 20 N x 20 m = 400 J.

What size battery does a 1998 yard machine riding lawn mower take?

my mower is a 20 hp tecumpse i put a 365 canking amp 300 cold canking amp battery hopefully this helps you

How much oil does a150cc engine hold?

The 149 cc Kohler engine on my lawn mower takes ( 20 ounces / 600 ml )

How much should you ask to be paid for mowing a lawn that is said to take about an hour when the lawn mower is already provided?

$20 - $35 is a fair price to ask for mowing and trimming depending on how much labor is involved.

How do you replace drive belts on Husky 20 horse lawn tractor model 13au678g131?

A model number is required just to know what brand (who made it) and then the rest of the mower.