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oxygen to help us breathe

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What are the trees that give us anything?

Fruit trees and nut trees give us things to eat. Many kinds of trees give us flowers. Most trees give us wood, either for lumber or for firewood.

Which trees give us timber?

All trees give us some type of timber.

What five trees give us food?

what five trees give food

Trees name which give us wood?

All trees give us wood. That's what makes them trees as opposed to shrubbery, grasses, etc.

How do trees indirectly help us?

trees help us breath and give us oxygen

What jobs do trees give us?

We can manufacture paper from trees

Are trees helpful?

Yes they are they give us paper and they give us oxygen

Write short essay on the trees?

trees give us oxygen

What are the benefits of trees?

there are alot of benefits trees help us like give oxogen they give us food and a lot of other stuff

What do plant stems give us?

they give us oxogen it is like a tress the trees trunks give us oxygon

Do trees give us oxygen?


Which plants give us shade?


How do plants give us fuel?


What do plants and trees give us?


Do trees give us water?

Yes they do.

What does a plant give to the Earththat is important?

corn, apples, trees these all have a purpose like corn and apples give us food and trees give us wood for our homes

What is so important about trees?

Trees take in carbon dioxide (what we breathe out) and give out oxygen (what we breathe in), which is the way our gases are recycled and it also give us air.This guy is right.trees are important because they give us oxygen

Why shouldn't we cut trees?

trees give us oxygen. so if we cut trees, then from where will we get oxygen to breath?

Why trees are important and valuable?

They gives us stationery and houses. Also some trees give us fruits.

Can people die without trees?

yes! we need trees to survive because they give us air and give us wood, without trees there wouldn't be no air. just like without mountains.

Can you give a Hindi essay on how planting trees can save the world?

trees are very useful to us. we use trees in our daily life like they give us oxygen,fruits,vegetables,paper,fu

Why do trees give us oxygen?

Because trees pull water through their roots

Do trees give us oxygen in the winter?

Evergreens ... yes, a little. Desiduous trees, no.

What does trees give us?

oxygen, shade, wood

Why do trees produce leaves?

to give us oxygen

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