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Wild turkeys eat acorns which are still available in the winter.

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Do Turkeys eat insects?

Yes. Turkeys eat insects.

What kind of food does wild turkeys eat in the winter and also the summer?

They feed on seeds and shoots and bugs.

Do turkeys eat spiders?

Sure, turkeys might eat spiders.

Do wild turkeys eat baby rabbits?

Wild turkeys do not eat baby rabbits. Wild turkeys do not eat any kind of meat because they are vegetarians.

Do you eat female turkeys or male turkeys?

well it is very common to eat both of them

Why shouldnt people eat turkeys?

People should eat turkeys because they are delicious.

What do farm-raised turkeys eat?

Farm-raised turkeys eat can eat a variety of things. Most farmers choose to feed their turkeys grains and corn diets.

Do turkeys eat snails?

Yes, wild turkeys eat insects, snails, slugs and even frogs.

Can turkeys eat meat?

no Actually, YES. Wild turkeys (the birds) are omnivorous and will, in fact, eat meat.

Will wild turkeys eat small dogs?

No, wild Turkeys eat nuts, insects, and berries, no meat.

Can whales eat turkeys?

None! Turkeys don't live in the sea!

Do wild turkeys hibernate in winter?

No.They continue to look for food during the winter.

What turkeys eat?


Do turkeys eat human?


Do turkeys eat people?


Do turkeys eat ticks?

yes, turkeys do eat ticks, however guinea fowl seem to be more proficient at it.

Are turkeys carnivores?

no turkeys are actually omnivores they eat both animals and plants.

How many turkeys do humans eat each Thanksgiving?

About 46 million turkeys.

What do you wild turkeys eat?

I think they eat corn

What animals do turkeys eat?

They only eat vegetarians.

Why do eat turkeys at Christmas?

you're supposed to 'eat' them..?

What do turkeys eat for Thanksgiving?

Probably nothing because everyone has already eaten them.Turkeys eat grain like normal.

Are turkeys migrating birds?

Turkeys are not migrating birds because they can not fly ant have enough fat in their bodys to survive the winter.

What do turkeys like to eat?


DO turkeys eat grass?


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