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Are you sure it's in your liver and not just gas pains? If you're concerned, go to a doctor.

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Q: What do twinges in your liver mean?
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Why have I got twinges in my lower back?

There are a few reasons why you might have twinges in your lower back. You could have a pulled muscle.

What is an anagram for westing?

Anagrams for 'westing' are 'stewing' and 'twinges'.

What is coarse echotexture of the liver mean?

coarse of liver

Does hepatorrhagia mean bleeding from the liver?

yes, it means bleeding into or from the liver.

What does pertaining to destruction of the liver mean?

Nonspecific destruction of the liver can be called Hepatic Necrosis, death of the tissue of the liver. Disease of the liver is hepatopathy.

What does Echotexture of liver parenchyma is slightly coarse mean?

What does Echo-texture of liver parenchyma is slightly coarse mean?

What does homogeneous liver mean?

A homogeneous liver is one that has the same texture throughout.

What does it mean to find a lump on a liver in a human?

there is a possibility that it might be a liver cysts.

Does having a red eyes mean liver could be bad?

What can correct your liver

What does it mean to have a spot on my bladder?

I have a spot on my liver, what does it mean?

What is pertaining to the liver mean?


What does extrahepatic mean?

Outside the liver

What is the prefix for liver?

what does adeno mean

What does subhepatic mean?

under the liver

What are Iver Drugs?

Are you sure you don't mean Liver drugs? As in drugs that can damage your liver?

What do unremarkable liver mean?

good liver nothing showing up on specific test

What happens to your body as your liver fails?

If your liver is running at 29% does that mean it is ready to fail?

Your implanon implant twinges aliitle?

That is not a problem. If problem persists, you can consult the gynaecologist.

What do you mean by cirrhosis of liver?

Cirrhosis of liver means that the liver is completely damaged after many years of depletion. This is a condition that creates a scar on the liver which inhibits its proper function.

What does a low liver count mean?

Low liver count is an indication that the liver is not functioning as it should be. This may be an indication of hepatitis or any other form of liver damage.

Does a liver recover after the effects of alcohol?

If you mean after a night of drinking, yes. If you mean you drink every day in moderation there is no ill effect on the liver.

High liver count vs low count number?

What does it mean to have a liver count of 1.8

What is sclerosis of the liver?

I believe you mean "Cirrhosis".liver is not functioning due to sclerosis what is it and how iis treated

Is the heart superior to the liver?

If you mean position in the body than yes. The heart is superior to the liver.

What does intrahepatic mean?

Intrahepatic means within the liver.situated or occurring within or originating in the liver