What do volleyballs look like?

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Where are volleyballs made?

volleyballs are made in France

Do volleyballs pop?

yes....volleyballs can pop. just like any other ball that has air inside of it with a soft outer shell

What is the best brand of volleyballs to buy?

mikasa volleyballs

What is the difference between mini volleyball and beginner volleyball?

Mini volleyballs are much smaller than regular volleyballs but beginner volleyballs are the same size as regular volleyballs but are lighter

What volleyballs made of?


Do volleyballs come in colors?


What shape of a volleyball?

Volleyballs are spherical.

When does volleyball begin?

Depends on where you are. Hot weather is for beach volleyball ... beach volleyballs fun too!!!! But if not gym volleyballs the way to go!!!

How many volleyballs on a volleyball team?

There is one volleyball on the court that is shared between two teams. But they can have an infinite number of volleyballs in practice.

What are some colors of volleyballs?

White. But sometimes blue red yellow and sometimes green. Well actually volleyballs come in every color.

Where are volleballs found?

volleyballs are found at walmart

How are beach volleyballs made?

with softer material

What volleyballs is the fastest?

There is no such thing as a "fast" volleyball.

How many volleyballs are sold in a year?


What material are volleyballs made out of?

Synthetic Leather

Why is a volleyball white?

Volleyballs come in many different colors, but typically there are rules about the color of the volleyballs that may be used in matches because bright colors can be distracting.

Where can I buy volleyballs in New Jersey?

Modell's or Walmart.

How much do volleyballs cost?

They can range from $10-$40

What was volleyballs original name?

mintonette. =] love summa

Are volleyballs more soft than soccer balls?


What is the best volleyball?

the molten volleyballs is what i recommend the most

How much does a volleyball costt at Wal-Mart?

It depends on the volleyball but most are in the range of $9-$50. The less expensive ones are the Wilson volleyballs and the Spalding Volleyballs

How many volleyballs can fit in a volleyball court?

Im pretty sure its somewhere in the late 300's early 400's!

Does dollar general sell volleyballs?

Yes. Seasonally-in the summer.

Where can one find more information about volleyballs?

If someone wanted to find information about volleyballs there are a variety of places where someone can do so. Some of these places are Wikipedia, Sports Ball Shop and Amazon.

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