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What do werewolves eat?

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Werewolves are mythical creatures that are men most of the time, but become wolves when they choose. The myths indicate that a werewolf in human form is not noticeably different from other people, and that in wolf form it is just like a regular wolf. So, when in human form it would eat regular human food. When in wolf form, they dont eat.

Some werewolf stories suggest that in wolf form they may attack people(not true they only attack when provoked) but that was the case for regular wolves in parts of Europe and North America.

The name "werewolf" may derive in part from the Latin word for man, "vir," which was often pronounced as if it began with the English letter "W." Thus, "werewolf" means "man-wolf."

* In some myths the werewolf is filled with the uncontrollable desire to eat human flesh friend or foe. Being a werewolf is said to be a cures so it is a unpleasant experience to be forced to change at the full moon, and wake up the next day with the taste of blood in you mouth, not remembering where you have been.(also not a fact)

Meat but they dont eat humnas

Actually in most legends werewolves will eat anything, including humans.

I've heard that some werewolves like being wolves so much, they stay as wolves forever and when winter comes, they turn into humans again.

Answer:Werewolves do not need to eat. They are humans in the day and all month till a full moon. Then they are out all night hunting for fresh human blood to feast upon.

However, it has not been confirmed that were wolves exist.
wolves eat meat such as elk,rabbit,birds, ect.
In some myths being a Werewolf is a controllable change and they can eat what ever a normal wolf would eat. But in some myths being a werewolf is a curse that forces the desire to eat human flesh on the werewolf.

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Do werewolves eat other werewolves?

no werewoves do not eat each other. agree

Can foxes eat werewolves?

No foxes are too small to eat werewolves and they are both dogs

What do werewolves eat when in werewolf form?

The fictional characters called werewolves eat flesh.

Do werewolves eat lions?

Yes and from what I hear leprechaun like to eat unicorns as well.

Do werewolves eat human flesh?

Yes werewolves can eat human flesh, but the smell of blood drives them crazy.

Why are werewolves evil?

Werewolves aren't evil, their just dangerous because they kill to eat. This isn't evil because a tiger isn't evil if it kills to eat same rule applies with werewolves. Werewolves are just misunderstood.

Do werewolves eat chocolate?

When in their human form, werewolves eat chocolate along with other normal food. But when in their wolf form, werewolves are not interested in chocolate. But because werewolves are fictional (imaginary), the creator (writer / author) of a werewolf story could have werewolf characters eat whatever the writer decides they should eat.

How do werewolves hurt humans?

they eat them

Can werewolves eat chocolate'?

Well, dogs can't eat chocolate and since wolves and werewolves are closely related to dogs it can be assumed that werevolves can't eat chocolate.

Do werewolves eat people?

Yes werewolves do eat people, but it doesn't mean you have to lock your doors at night although they find humans yummy.

Can humans eat werewolves?

I suppose you could but it probably would be considered cannibalism (werewolves were human once)

Do werewolves eat chicken hearts?

werewolves may not...but PDKs certainly do...they have no limits..they are more than men. if a PDK member could eat a werewolf he would..

What type of meat do the werewolves eat?

well werewolves arent real but if they were they would probably eat humans or something like they do in books, or just raw animals..

Do all werewolves eat people?

Some werewolf's eat people. But not all of them will eat people

What do lycans eat?

meat of any kind they also eat humans they eat the same thing a werewolves

What do werewolves eat when in human form?

They eat the same stuff any other person might eat.

Why do werewolves hate witchs?

because they eat them and make them into stew

Do werewolves hate people?

Werewolves don't exist. They are fictional characters. They are usually portrayed as dangerous and evil and with a desire to eat people.

Do werewolves fight each other?

Werewolves most certainly do not fight each other. They are very loving and kind to one another. (but don't tell that to a vampire or anyone else or I'll eat you, no seriously I am a werewolf myself and i will eat you if you tell no seriously i am) Werewolves only fight, well, everything except other werewolves. Toodles!

Do werewolves eat desert tortoise?

Werewolves are not real and therefore do not eat anything unless the fictional creator of said wolf chooses to have it consume something (e.g. SPAM or desert tortoise)

What are werewolves' enemies?

Werewolves only have one fear...Vampires.Vampires are flesh eating animals.They are not trusted by anyone but there on kind.If you are a werewolf mark your territory and let them know your werewolves,be proud of what you are.werewolves enimies are humans and vampires they hate them and they would rip them up and eat them.

Do werewovles eat fairies?

no. werewolves do not eat fairies. That Might be but I think a werewolf would eat pretty much anything.

What are the similarities of vampires and werewolves?

they both eat sleep and get your wife pregnant

Do warewolfs eat worms?

Since werewolves are mythical creatures, you may imagine that they eat whatever you like.

Would a werewolve eat a humen?

no werewolves hate killing and they do not even eat in wolf form werewolves just over eat when in human form they can go the night with out and just a little tip the moon has no affect they change when they want were they want do believe Hollywood