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What do werewolves eat?


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July 01, 2017 9:17AM

Werewolves are mythical creatures that are men most of the time, but become wolves when they choose. The myths indicate that a werewolf in human form is not noticeably different from other people, and that in wolf form it is just like a regular wolf. So, when in human form it would eat regular human food. When in wolf form, they dont eat.

Some werewolf stories suggest that in wolf form they may attack people(not true they only attack when provoked) but that was the case for regular wolves in parts of Europe and North America.

The name "werewolf" may derive in part from the Latin word for man, "vir," which was often pronounced as if it began with the English letter "W." Thus, "werewolf" means "man-wolf."

* In some myths the werewolf is filled with the uncontrollable desire to eat human flesh friend or foe. Being a werewolf is said to be a cures so it is a unpleasant experience to be forced to change at the full moon, and wake up the next day with the taste of blood in you mouth, not remembering where you have been.(also not a fact)

Meat but they dont eat humnas

Actually in most legends werewolves will eat anything, including humans.

I've heard that some werewolves like being wolves so much, they stay as wolves forever and when winter comes, they turn into humans again.


Werewolves do not need to eat. They are humans in the day and all month till a full moon. Then they are out all night hunting for fresh human blood to feast upon.

However, it has not been confirmed that were wolves exist.
wolves eat meat such as elk,rabbit,birds, ect.
In some myths being a Werewolf is a controllable change and they can eat what ever a normal wolf would eat. But in some myths being a werewolf is a curse that forces the desire to eat human flesh on the werewolf.