What do white oaks eat?

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White oak trees like full sun and moist, well-drained, acidic soil. They don't eat, they make their own food from sunlight.
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Can you eat oak tree acorns?

Yes, but they contain Tannic Acid, which upsets your stomach. To get rid of the Tannic Acid, Toss the nuts into a large pot, and cover them with plenty of water. Bring to a boil and continue boiling for about 15 minutes. The water will turn brown as the tannic acid is extracted from the kernels. Thr ( Full Answer )

Weight of White Oak 1.75x8x54 inches?

You can figure it out from this formula, spicific gravity, 0.7470 wt; of a cubic ft, that's 46.35 @12% moisture content. Good-Luck

What eats an oak tree?

Many insects including the larvae of moths (caterpillars) eat oakleaves. A beaver could eat oak, but prefers softer wood such asaspen, willow, and alder trees.

What does a cubic foot of white oak weigh?

A pulp cord of seasoned white oak is 4200 pounds. A pulp cord is 128 cubic feet(4x4x8'). Therefore a cubic foot of seasoned white oak would be 32.8125 pounds.

Where do white oak trees grow?

White oak is found in a majority of the Eastern United States. iffound west of the Mississippi as far as the Rocky Mountains.

Are white oaks native to Missouri?

Yes. White oak is a family including, the white oak, bur oak, blackjack oak, etc. Missouri has 21 native oaks, nearly half of which are of the white-oak family.

What insects eat cork oak?

There are actually not insects that eat cork oak. This is becausethe cork oak is insect resistant due to its suberin.

Are oak nuts good to eat?

Yes, they are healthy for you because they are nature. They have a natural nutty, salty flavor to them. They are kind of hard to eat. I would suggest cooking them down in boiling water for 5-10 minutes of baking them with olive oil for 10 minutes. Use a knife to crack them in half, if you are still ( Full Answer )

How fast does a white oak tree grow?

A white oak tree can be fifty to eighty feet in height and growsvery slowly. This tree will take 20 years or more to reach maturityand can be as wide as it is tall.

Do caterpillars eat oak trees?

Yes caterpillars love to eat oak trees, i know this because im a caterpillar and have many caterpillar friends (Jeff,Jim,Tim, etc.) and we all love oak tree picnics.

Do slugs eat oak?

No, slugs do not eat oak or any type of bark or wood. Bark isactually a slug repellent and used in gardens to prevent theinsects from eating the plants.

Are white oaks dicots?

Oak leaves are dicots, not monocots. They are deciduous trees thatare angiosperms, which means that they are flowering plants.

What do oak trees eat?

what food do oak trees eat Oak trees do not eat stuff they are plants they need sun,water.ect.

What is white oak?

just go and enter white oak or oak then you will find it and the person who wrote this cant read

What is White oak wood use for?

White oak is used for interior finish and furniture making. It is heavy, strong, hard, tough, close grained and capable of taking a high polish.

How does white oak trees move?

\nWhite oak trees are shorter and wider than most trees around them. By being wider, they shade out seedlings that would grow into taller trees and shade them out. By being shorter, they let lightning hit and kill the taller trees. Once the taller trees growing right around them die, others do not r ( Full Answer )

Is white oak monocot?

No. Trees are dicots. Bamboo is a monocot. Bamboo is a grass not a tree. Palms are not trees.

Can you eat the nuts from a oak tree?

If you are a squirrel, no problem. For humans, you need to leach out the tannin which usually involves crushing the acorns and soaking them in water and changing the water several times.

Do termites eat oak trees?

Subterranean termites eat only soft wood, Drywoods eat hardwood. So it depends on which termite you're asking about.

Do squirrels eat oak tree?

Squirrels do not normally eat trees. They will eat the nuts or seeds of most trees.

How do you substitute oak flour for white flour?

Same measurements. You will end up with a different end product. Oat flour is going to have a looser texture than white. If what you are making is hard, the white flour is going to make it harder. That may not be a problem, just depends.

Can a human eat oak leeves?

A human CAN eat anything (but hair) if they wanted to so yes, a human can eat oak leaves.

Photo of a white oak tree?

This is a statement and not a question. Wiki doesn't provide photos for answers. I suggest you do a search.

What oak can my horse eat?

None! Oak is poisonous to Horses! So are acorns, ragwort, ferns, nightshade, yew and plenty of other things. If you want to see what else Horses cant eat research Horses or read books on them but make sure none of the plants I have mentioned are in your horses field, yard or anywhere they could be r ( Full Answer )

Does buffalo eat oak?

NO! It will kill them. As Buffalo becomes a popular meat, many aspiring ranchers are lousing their herds to ignorance of oak's toxicity to the buffalo. They will eat it if given the opportunity, but they must not be allowed to.

How is white oak to burn in a wood stove?

Seasoned (dry) white oak may be one of the BEST woods you can use. Oak, hickory, and ash wood have high heat values, low creosote production, and long lasting coals. Good stuff!

What domain does the white oak tree belong to?

All species of oak trees are plants, and all plants belong to thetaxonomic domain of Eukarya, which are characterised by havingcells with nuclei. Eukarya covers all organisms in the KingdomPlantae, as well as the Kingdoms Animalia, Fungi and Protista.

Can you eat oak tree mushrooms?

I'm pretty sure you shouldn't eat any kind of wild mushroom without it being cooked bur I could be wrong. I wouldn't suggest it.

What can a oak snake eat?

Typically they eat small animals such as mice and other rodents. They have been known to have a taste for chicken and mashed potatoes though. They are commmonly found in your grandmothers knicker draw

Is a white oak tree hardwood or softwood?

A white oak tree is indeed a hardwood it is the hardest wood on of hardwoods if you try and bang you head on it it might hurt just a little bit

Can you paint your white oak kitchen cabinets?

Yes, just clean with a TSP solution, sand to remove the gloss, prime with an oil based primer, then paint with two coats of either a water or oil based alkyd paint for washability and durability.

What animal eats scrub oak?

Caterpillars are known to eat the leaves of a scrub oak tree. Deermay also eat the leaves and squirrels will eat the acorns off thescrub oak.

What mammal eats oak trees?

Only some large herbivores like the beaver would possibly eat thetree itself, and this is not the regular diet of any of them.Squirrels and other rodents do eat the acorns from oak trees, as dopigs, bears, deer, and some humans.

Where is White Oaks Mall located?

White Oaks Mall is located at 2501 Wabash Avenue, Springfield, Illinois, in the United States. It is at the intersection of Wabash Avenue and South Veterans Parkway.

Do mice eat oak?

Mice are very likely to eat the occasional acorn. In very hardwinters, they may even eat the bark of an oak in order to surviveuntil spring.