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Wild dogs are eaten by whatever animal that is higher in the food chain and feel hungry. Most are ferocious and carnivorous so most of the time an animal that preys on the wild dog defeats it to get its dinner.

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What is eaten by dogs?

small animals like wild dogs

What Happens to Ramo when He went to get the canoe?

he is eaten by wild dogs

What do snakes get eaten by?

Foxes, Some wild dogs, Bobcats, Eagles

What animal eats a capybara?

capybaras are eaten by andacondas,foxes, wild dogs and jaguarsmcaimans

What is hummingbird eaten by?

Usually larger birds, such as red kite and falcoln, also foxes and wild dogs.

What will eat a wild hamster?

Any carnivore that lives in the area. These animals are eaten by birds of prey. Fox and coyotes, big cats and wild dogs.

Which animal is enemy of Eagle?

Eagles DO Have Enemies. Adults In North America Get Eaten By Wolverines, Wolves, Other Wild Dogs, Larger Eagles, Bears, Cougars, Bobcats And Lynxes. Young Get Eaten By Raccoons, Mink, Stoats, Weasels, Badgers, Foxes And Others. In Africa, They Get Eaten By African Wild Dogs, Leopards, Genets, Servals, Caracals, Other Wild Dogs, Honey Badgers, Wildcats And Other Martial Eagles. In South America, They Get Eaten By Jaguars, Ocelots, Margays, Concillas, Maned Wolves And Others. Just Forget It, It's Too Much To Explain All The Continents.

What queen was eaten by dogs?

Queen Jezebel's body was eaten by dogs after she was thrown to her death from a window.

What animal eats a cheetah?

Adult cheetahs are rarely killed or eaten by other animals. However, such animals as lions, hyenas and African wild dogs will kill and eat cheetah cubs.

Are African wild dogs similar to wild dogs?

They are both wild dogs, though african wild dogs are similar to hyenas in shape, and closer to a large dog in size. So yes, thats the name, african WILD DOGS.

What does a wild cat get eaten by?

the wild cats only get can get eaten by human hunters no other animal eats them.

What animals eat wild dogs?

I love wild dogs!!!!!!!!!

Were do wild dogs live?

Wild dogs live in Africa

What animal eats the Genet?

They are primarily preyed on by foxes, wildcats, pythons and leopards. They are also eaten by chimpanzees, African wild dogs and eagles.

Do wild dogs live in the rainforest?

Yes, you can find wild dogs living in the rainforest. The wild dogs you find in these areas are actually called African dogs.

Why are there wild dogs?

There have always been wild dogs present in the wild. Wild dogs are the origin of domesticated dogs. Dogs were domesticated millions of years ago by people as hunting aids and companions and obviously not all wild dogs could be domesticated due to the number of wild dogs present on the earth in comparison to the number of people in those times, so some wild dogs remain, though the number of wolves are becoming minimal in comparison to domesticated dogs.

What is the collective noun for wild dogs?

They are referred to as a pack of wild dogs.

What is the African wild dogs climate?

what is african wild dogs climate is

What is the duration of The Wild Dogs?

The duration of The Wild Dogs is 1.62 hours.

Do wild dogs live in the savanna?

the wild dogs do live in the savanna

Are African wild dogs prey?

Adult African wild dogs are probably not hunted by anything, although they do have competition (IE, lions, leopards, hyenas, etc.) However an unprotected cub could easily be killed by any of those animals and they might be eaten in that case.

Are there many dogs living in the wild?

Yes there are many wild dogs living in the wild for example the African wild dog

Do wild dogs hunt?

Most wild dogs (since the go in packs) hunt together. So yes wild dogs hunt. : )

Are geckos poisonous to dogs if eaten?

Geckos are not poisonous to dogs.

Where specifically do wild dogs live?

Australia has the wild dogs called Dingos

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