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well what i want in a man is: some good looks, great personality, don't womanise, respects you, takes you out every now and then, makes you feel special, makes you feel good about yourself,

there's loads more but they are most of them!!

Answera loving, honest, smart, generous, kind person AnswerA good partner for life and all that that entails. good looks strength power to save her from any danger.

they want love and some one to do the housework

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โˆ™ 2010-08-18 19:03:20
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Q: What do women want in a man?
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Why does a man want to deforce a women?

why does a man want to divorce a women

Who has greater force man or woman?

In my opinion, women. Because men always want what women have. Women can get what they want from a store.

Why do women always want the man they cant have?

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If a man unmarried man want too marry divorced women have a child how can they marriage in Pakistani court?

if a man unmarried man want too marriage divorced women she have a daughter how can they marriage in Pakistani cout

What percentage of women want to stay with a man?


What is the main quality ladies want in a man?

there are diff. types of women , some have the same wants , and some are diff. from others . almost all women want a man , that can make her happy ( laugh) , or a really nice man .

Why do women use vibrates?

If they don't want to have sex with a man.

What if the women wants children but the man doesn't?

The woman should find a man who DOES want children.

When women say i need a man you i feel safe with what do they mean?

They want to be protected they want a man to stand up for the m to proctect them from harm.

What is mean if women press man finger?

It means that she want to get freakywith you

How much clothing do women want to see on a man?

It depends on the circumstances.

What does a man want who plays a women?

A man like this sees women as objects and not humans with feelings. They are only out for their needs and are selfish men who are ego driven inconsiderate bores.

When a man ask a women why are you into me?

It means the man does not want the woman to be with him. It could also be because the other person is curious.

How does a man find woman that want a lazy man?

OK, first of all i don't think any women want a lazy man because i am lazy and i know that i want a hardworking husband so i dont have to handle everything.

Why do men want women to feel sorry for them?

Since man is such a complex personality and never feel self confidence with women

Why do women care about what a man may feel for another woman if he is sharing a great love with them to?

Women want to be the ONLY one a man loves - not just one of many that he "loves".

What do girls really search for in a man?

What women really wantMost women want security! Women want a man that will take care of them at last 75% of women do. Many may pretend that, that is not what they want but secretly dream of a provider. The average women wants a man that is respectful, honest, trustworthy, and faithful! Of all the things that i have mention women want an intune lover! He cares about her sexual needs as well as his own. but to be honest the way to each womens heart is different, you would really need to be honest with your self and ask your self what are you willing to offer her, inside of that is what she really wants

You want to be interment but you man doesn't?

You should wait for the man into he is ready that is all to it use you mind women just wait.

What woman want love penis big or small?

Most women want to be loved. With the right man, penis size is not that big of a deal for most women. It's how you use it.

Why do women flirt with married men?

I think some women are jealous of married women they try to become a mistress.Women who do not want a relationship know they can get sex, money etc. from the married man and know that the man will not leave his wife.

What does it mean when a women says you are a good man?

Sometimes women do say what they mean. You are a good man :) if you want her, I suggest being a fun, spontaneous man :D by not being predictable and by being mysterious and not always being around.

Do more women want to be men or more men want to be women?

men want to be women

What is it that woman want in a man?

It just depend up on time and women heart.... Lol

How do you know if your man is satisfy with you?

Whenever he's in a bad mood and your not trying to use sex to put him in a good mood cause women will think guys are easy to manipulate. Besides women always want to have sex whenever they want it just to give themselves more power but a man always gets rejected. Women never care about a man's feelings.

Did men want women to fight in world war 2?

Remember: it is almost impossible for there to be a majority opinion. It varies by man to man.