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Q: What do you call a candle-like material used for coloring?
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Is sibukaw effective as color additive?

In the Philippines, sibukaw is utilized as a coloring material for the native fabrics. It is also used to color the coconut wine locally known as "lambanog" in Luzon or "bahal" in the Visayas. Some Filipino farmers color their fishing nets with sibukaw but this material was used as a colorant as pure sibukaw. To use sibukaw as a color additive will call for an experiment.

What are crayons used for?

Crayons are used for coloring and drawing. They are great for art, crafts, and coloring pages.

What do you call the dark tarlike material used to pave streets?


What is tellurium used for?

Tellurium is used in alloys, such as steel and copper, to improve machinability. Tellurium is also used in solar panels, semiconductor material, and for coloring glass. I've linked my source below.

What does pb stand for in periodic table?

Pb stands for element Lead.It has atomic number 82.It is a heavy post-transition metal.It is used as coloring material.

What is the name of the food coloring is used in lucky charms?

if you look at the ingredients it tells you what coloring is in it

Is paint used in food coloring?


What is salt dough used for?

Salt dough is made from a mixture of flour, salt and water, Food coloring is used to color the material. It is used to make models and small sculptures and can be baked in an oven to obtain solid sculptures.

Does food coloring effect the taste of food?

yes ,it does because of the compounds used to make food coloring[which consits of natural and artificial coloring].

What flavor is blue food coloring?

Food coloring is flavorless; however, blue food coloring is often used to color raspberry flavored foods.

Why was indigo a valued crop?

It was used for coloring.

What is pigments in culinary?

Substance used for coloring.

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