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What do you call a circular shape with only one side?

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Its a sphere.

2009-01-11 20:24:43
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What is the 2d shape for a cone?

If you look down from the top, it is circular. From the bottom, it is circular. From the side, it is a triangle.

What shape has only two flat faces?

A cylinder would fit the given description because it has two flat circular faces each side of a circular body.

What shape has a circular base and a curved side?

A cylinder, cone or half of a sphere

What do call a side of a face of a shape?

you call it a edge

What do you call the length of a side of a shape?

There are only three spacial terms and they are: length, width, and depth.

What do you call a 8 side shape?

An octagon.

What do you call a shape with 5 side?


What to you call a 14 side shape?

The answer is Tetradeecagon.

What do you call a side six shape?

A hexagon

What do you call a shape that has 8 side?

An octagon

What do call a 9 side shape?

A nine sided shape is called a nonagon.

What you call seven side shape?

That's a septagon.

What to you call a 13 side shape?

it is called a trecagon

Why are stadiums circular in shape?

Stadiums are circular in shape because in a circle the radii / radius is the same . So , whichever side you are sitting , you can enjoy the sport . In football and other team sports , it can be a square or a rectangle . It is because we have people supporting a particular team . So , they sit the opposite side of the opponent .

What three dimensional shape has a top view of a circle and side view of a triangle?

A right circular cone could probably do that.

What is the shape of magnetic field lines produced by a current carrying conductor?

The magnetic field lines around the current carrying conductor will be a circular. i.e they originate from one side and returns back to the other side forming circular path.

What is circular diameter?

Circular diameter is the distance from side to side of a circle through the middle.

Can you call any 8 side shape an octagon?

No not just any shape that has 8 side can be called an octagon. An octagon has straight lines that make up a closed bounded shape.

Is there 100 centimeters in a diameter?

A diameter is the straight line from one side of a circular shape, through the centre, to the other side. Its length can be 100 centimetres, or more or less.

What shape has a front view of a rectangle side view of a triangle and a top view of a circle?

It is a shape that is like a toothpaste tube which has a circular lid which is the same size as the tube below it.

What shape is a quadrilateral with 3 equal sides but no parallel sides?

Its 4th side would have to be circular in order to comply with the given requirements.

What shape has no angles and only one side?

a circle

What is a circular ring or one side of a disk?

A track is a circular ring on one side of the disk.

What is the name of the shape with only 1 curved side?

A semicircle is one shape fitting this description.

What shape has 1 side?

A shape cannot have only one side because it would not be closed. A shape must have at least three sides to be a closed figure (no "gaps")