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What do you call a horse less than 1 year old?


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October 23, 2012 7:31PM

well, any horse under 4 years is a foal, but it also works like this,

any female horse under 4 years is a filly

any male horse under 4 years is a colt, after 4 years a male horse will be called a stallion, if he is gelded, he will then be a gelding, so any female horse over 4 years is a Mare.

`A baby horse is considered a foal.

From about 3-4 years of age they can be considered Colts (for males) or Filly's (for females).

When they are "weaned" (stop feeding from the mother) , they can also be called "Weanling's" ( that is normally from about 6-8 months of age).

When they are one year old, they are called "Yearlings".

There are many more names when they exceed one year of age.`