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A sprinter or speedster.

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2014-05-04 00:22:44
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Q: What do you call a person that is very fast at running?
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What sentences indicates that something is happening now is it A you run very fast B you are running very fast C I can run very fast D all of the above?

B: "You are running very fast". "You run very fast" and "I can run very fast" are statements but neither indicates that you or I are currently running fast (we may well be, but the sentences do not convey that fact).

Human response of mt etna?

Running, very, very fast running

What is a running monkey?

A running monkey is a monkey that is moving very fast.

Does slow or fast running better cause reducing fat in abdomen?

i think fast running is very best for reduce fat fast

What is the rate of respiration in running?

when running your breathing rate becomes very fast

How does running increases heart rates?

If you run very fast, your heart rate will be increasing very fast. But if you run slower, it will act normal, two times per second. Running make your heart full of energy and the heart will bump very very fast, if you run very fast.

Why does a cheetah run so fast?

Because its bones are very light and its bone structure is ideal for very fast running

What is the meaning of the phrase he ran as fast as a cheetah?

'He ran as fast as a cheetah' is an expression which means that he is running very fast.

How fast can an African elephant run?

The top running speed of the African Elephant is 24.9 miles per hour. This fast gait is not actually running, but very fast walking.

What do you call a person who is very brave?

A person with a bad habit and a very close call

Why are dogs better security than a person?

they can bite and their bites are worse than a persons'. they can be very fast at running. and they sometimes can scare people away!

What is a very long running race in the Olympics?

a very long running ace is a long race that is what they call it

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