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A person who studies dinosaurs and fossils is called a palaeontologist.


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A scientists who studies fossils, whether they are from dinosaurs or something else, is called a paleontologist.

A student of fossils is an archaeologist.

Scientists who study fossils are known as paleontologists.Scientists who study fossils are known as paleontologists. A paleontologist who studies dinosaurs may be a vertebrate paleontologist or a macro paleontologist.

in china people found dinosaurs and thought they were the fossils of dragons

The study of ancient life is paleontology. Someone who studies this is a Paleontologist.A paleontologist who specialises in the study of just dinosaurs is called a Dinosaurologist.

A person who studies genealogies is a genealogist.

A sociologist is a person who studies sociology.

Parasitologist is a person that studies parasites.

What do you call a person who studies floods

A person who studies snakes is called a Herpetologist.

A person who studies fish is called an ichthyologist .

a person who studies people but not an psychologist

an astrophysicist, thus the answer for "What do you call a person that studies the planets?"

A person that studies biochemistry is called a biochemist.

A person that studies animals is called a Zoologist.

An Entemologist is a person who studies insects.A myrmecologists is a person who studies ants.

An Archaeologist or a Paleontologist.

You call a person that studies ocean life a marine biologist.

A person who studies birds is called an ornithologist.

herpetologist is a person who studies about lizards(REPTILES) by jake.s

A geologist is a person who studies rocks and earth.

AnswerA person who studies physics is called a physicist.

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