What do you call downloading a file on the internet?

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You just answered it yourself - the action of retrieving a copy of data from the Internet is called "downloading".
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How do you cure the searchpage virus when it is preventing you from downloading files off the internet?

You may want to download a free trial of NOD 32 or AVG FREE. They are really good. NOD has not missed any viruses in MANY MANY MANY MANY----- years!!! You need to run these 3 essential programs to remove all the spyware on your computer. If you do not have an internet security suit and only ( Full Answer )

Why is it illegal to download files from the internet?

You may download files with a Public release license, files you have paid for, your own files and files explicitally allowed to be downloaded. To download any other files will be considered intellectual property piracy.

How do you download a windows media audio file from the internet?

Um well, windows media player? click on the bottom of your screen on your computer it should say "start" click on that and ther should be an icon that says, windows media player if not, go to all programs on start menu and search for that same thing if you can't find it there, go to the start menu a ( Full Answer )

Describing the steps involved in downloading files and programs from the Internet Include a personal experience in which you have downloaded freeware shareware or licensed software What are the ad?

Downloading and installing software from the Internet is a breeze if you know the basic steps involved. Because of the number of operating systems, audio players, browsers, and versions thereof, it is impossible for us to give specific step-by-step instructions. However, here are the basic steps:. ( Full Answer )

How long will it take to download a 10 GB file with internet speed of 54 Mbps?

You don't have an Internet speed of 54 Mbps. You might have a WLAN speed of 54 Mbps. You probally have an Internet speed of around 5 Mbps. Which is around 500kb/s. Which would mean a megabyte every two second. 10 megabytes every 20 seconds. 100 megabytes every 200 seconds. 1000 (around 1GB) ever ( Full Answer )

How do you download music files from the internet?

\nlimewire is a free way to download music but beware of virus' and the fact that it is probably illegal. Itunes can be downloaded even if you don't have a mac and you can download a perfect version of almost any song for 99 cents.

What is downloading on the Internet?

downloading means transferring a copy of file of application from a remote server to your computer. Uploading, by contrast, is sending a file from your computer to a remote machine. The up/down terminology derives from the popular (mis)conception that the internet is somewhere 'up there' in the sky. ( Full Answer )

What is Playing MP3 files directly from the Internet without first downloading them called?

The general term for such things is "streaming", meaning that it is played before it is entirely finished downloading. For example, YouTube videos are also streamed to users. In both cases, the files are actually downloaded to your computer in a temporary folder, you just don't need to wait for them ( Full Answer )

You have a camcorder and you lost the disc to download files onto your computer is they a way you can download the disc off the internet?

Do you mean the camcorder's software? Go to search.com, type in the name of the company who made your camcorder, click on search, go to the manufacturer's website which should be one of the first results on the search page, click on "support", "drivers", "downloads" or similar and when asked enter t ( Full Answer )

How to convert mobile games downloaded from internet to mobile supported file?

To my knowledge, it needs to be in a certain format. For Androidit's a .apk usually and for iOS its .ipa. You will need to checkthe details of the file your downloading and have some sort ofapplication on your PC to inject them into your phone. Remember ifyou are doing this to check compatibility wi ( Full Answer )

Can a teacher tell if you did an Excel file yourself or you downloaded it off the internet?

Files generally have information on who created the file. you can view it by using windows explorer in the details view mode and selecting the appropriate information you want to see like when it was created, who created it. As far as downloaded or not, that would be harder to find if possible. A te ( Full Answer )

Does the name of the torrent files or any other free files I downloaded show up on the Internet Bill?

No sir, but its not like my parents care. Are you talking about a... PCMCIA cards or sumtin where you get charged while on the go? then no still cause itll bill you for other stuff. You can also download torrents on ur iphone or ipad if u got one. I do net endorse copyrighted torrenting! not that mo ( Full Answer )

How do you download and save a file from internet?

Easy! just go to a website of what you want to download for example Downloadster.com is where you can download microsoft word 2007 software for free then click download then save file! then you have to do something after that and i don't know what it is

Is there any Hindi pdf file to Hindi ms word document file free online coverter or software download available on internet?

Ÿ¸º£Š¸¸¿¨¸ œ¸÷÷¸›¸›¡¸¸¬¸ ¡¸¸½¸›¸¸ ÷¸˜¸¸ œÏ¤¸¿š¸¬¸½¨¸¸‡¿ œÏž¸¸Š¸ ˆÅ¥¡¸¸µ¸ œ¸º ( Full Answer )

When is the best time to download files of the internet?

If you need to download a lot of data, the best time is overnight, obviously as there aren't so many local people online. Avoid 18.00hrs-23.00hrs weekdays as this is generally considered the "Peak" time.

Does downloading files use internet usage?

Ultimately depends on the terms & conditions of your supplier but in most cases yes, downloads contribute to your data/ bandwidth allowance

Why is dangerous to download file from the internet?

Whenever you download a file, especially from sites you don't know, there is always a risk that the file will contain a virus or a program that can damage your computer or corrupt and steal your information. If you are going to engage in downloading files and/or opening email attachments, you shoul ( Full Answer )

What happens after download a file from Internet?

I did not get properly your question but try to give some answer if it helps. If you download file from torrent than this is the very slow when you download any file so in this days many tricks available which make download so much faster even if torrent filw you can download with IDM (Internet D ( Full Answer )

How long will it take to download 3MB file from the internet using a 56kbps modem?

Doing a basic calculation you can estimate the minimum time withoutoverhead from any transfer protocol: . 3MB = 24Mb = 24000kb . file size / transfer speed = file transfer time . 24000kb / 56kbps = 24000/56 seconds = 428.57 seconds = 7.14minutes To account for the overhead from transfer protoco ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to download files from the internet?

It's only safe to download files from the internet if you KNOW thatthe source is trustworthy. If you are uncertain, then the answer isa definite NO. The files MIGHT be safe - but it's high risk if youdon't know. Even from sources you THINK should be trustworthy thereis still some residual risk if yo ( Full Answer )