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What do you call fathers brother?

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Your father's brother is your uncle.

2007-06-18 06:34:05
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What do you call your fathers brother?


What call fathers brother?


What you call fathers older brother?

Your uncle.

What do you call my fathers brother wife?


What do you call your fathers mothers brother?

Grand uncle

How do you say my father's brother?

Your fathers brother is your uncle.

Who is your dad's brother to you?

Your fathers brother should be your uncle :)

What relationship is your fathers brother to you?

your uncle

What is a relationship is your fathers brother to you?

Your father's brother is your uncle, and you are his niece or nephew.

He's not your brother but he is your fathers son who is he?

Your Step-brother. If he isn't your brother but he is your father's son, he's you.

What is fathers brother smaller brother called in hindi?

father's younger brother is called chacha

What do you call your brother in Scotland?

You still call your brother, your brother.

How is a fathers brother called by his child?


Would you be a half brother to your baby brother if you have the same mother but different fathers?


What relation is your fathers brother to your grandson?

Great Uncle.

How do you say mothers brother in Farsi?

Mothers brother ( uncle ) = amoo

What would my fathers' brother be to me?

Your father's brother is your uncle and you are his nephew (if you are male) or his niece (if you are female).

How do you call brother in Tamil?

You can call your elder brother as 'ANNA' and your younger brother as 'THAMBI'

What you call your fathers sister?


What do i call my fathers nephew?


What do we call to husbands younger brother?

You would call your husband's younger brother a brother-in-law.

What is your fathers elder brother wife called as?

She would be your AUNT.

What relation are you to your fathers brother?

He is going to be your uncle. And you are his nephew or niece.

How will your son call your brother?

Your son will be a nephew to your brother, and will call him "Uncle".

What you call daughter of brother?

You would call the daughter of your brother a niece.