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Q: What do you call it when countries try to build large empires by conquering other countries?
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How did the 3 isms create tension in Europe in the early 1900s?

Imperialism- The need for countries to expand their influence. Militarism- Countries wanting to build up their militaries, placing importance in them. Nationalism- Placing importance in country, believing the country is the best. Nationalism made all of the involved countries believe they were the best; excessive national pride. Militarism had them place great importance in the military, which caused many countries to build very large militaries (and the want to use them). Imperialism made these countries want to expand their influence. In other words, powerful countries expanded influence until they began to clash with each other. Because they had excessive pride and large militaries, they were more than happy to resort to violence in order to solve their differences.

How could the small European countries control the large countries in other continents?

By outnumbering them on population, technology and, maybe most important, military.

How did the existence of large European colonial empires in Africa and Asia impact the outbreak of World War 1?

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How did the commercial revolution contribute to the start of the thirty years war?

It enabled countries to afford large armies. Apex

What factor led the british to build a large empire?

The colonies in the Americas were all about sugar and tobacco (and cotton, but you can't smoke or drink that.).India of course was primarily famous for its tea (amongst other things).Presumably Africa and Australia were colonised as broad swathes of land on which to raise cattle for milk.Or for a more serious answer: What motivates anything? Money.

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Why were the mongols able to build large empires?

Because they conquered most of China.

How did the islamic empire become powerful?

The Islamic Empire became powerful by conquering large swathes of territory from severely weakened and unprepared empires. It then put the conquered peoples to use in becoming the vanguard of subsequent conquests.

How did empires expand?

An empire grows by claiming more land around it. This is generally accomplished by conquering the neighboring countries, city-states, or regions, and making them part of the empire. New land can be acquired peacefully as well through treaties and alliances.

In what ways did farming contribute to the growth of large empires in central and south America?

Because they could grow food, they no longer had to move from lace to place. Instead, they had time to settle and build large cities.

What contributed to rising tensions among industrialized nations in the years leading up to World War 1?

Competition to develop strong economies and build large empires.

What is the policy of creating large empires?

the British centennial empire

What contributed to the downfall of both the Han and Roman Empires?

Both empires grew too large to protect.

Why did native Americans groups did not form large empires like the Aztecs and Inca?

They weren't strong enough to conquer any empires or form an empire.

What empires had control over a large portion of the former Roman Empire?


Which part of Europe has been most dominated by large empires?

Eastern Europe

Did Ghana need to build the akosombo dam so large?

so that she will not have power for only her country but export it to other countries to obtain foreign exchange

What was the problem all four empires had after the fall of sumer?

The problem that all four empires had after the fall of summer was that it was difficult for one person to control such a large area.