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Verlobter (male) Verlobte (female

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Q: What do you call someone that you are engaged to marry called in Germany?
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What is it called when someone asks you to marry them?

It is called a marriage proposal.

How are you engaged?

You are engaged when someone asks you to marry them and spend the rest of your lives together and you accept and agree to marry them.

What are you if someone ask you to marry them and you say yes?

You are engaged to be married.

What do you call someone that you are engaged to marry in English?


Is it worth being engaged to someone if you are never going to marry that person?

You get engaged with the purpose to marry the person, so if there is not going to be a marriage then no its not worth being engaged. It seems like a waste of time.

What is it called when you ask someone to marry you?

That is called proposing.

What is a fiancee?

A fiancee is the person that someone is engaged to, meaning they are going to marry him/her. For example, "My fiancee got me a beautiful ring".

How do you spell the word when someone is engaged?

Here are some engagement terms:proposal - an offer of marriage (to be accepted or declined)betrothal - an engagement, agreement to marry (partners are betrothed or engaged)fiance - (French fiancé) an engaged manfiancee - (French fiancée) an engaged woman

If your man ask you to marry them and you say yes then what are you?

Officially - you are 'engaged to be married' or 'engaged'

When will Joe Jonas marry someone?

Joe Jonas has not announced any plans to get married. He was rumored to be engaged to Blanda Eggenschwiler in 2013 but it was not true.

What does it mean if someone asks is this your wife and he responds no but she soon will be?

It sounds like he's indicating that he is engaged to marry her and their marriage will take place soon.

Can you get engaged at age 14?

I don't know, but who would be stupid enough to ask someone to marry them at 14? And I'm younger than that:P