What do you call someone who is more than a friend?

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You call them someone you have feelings for, but until you tell them how you fell your gonna stay freinds

How can you be more than friends?

Getting It Together Wiki s contributors share their ideas: . To be more than friends, you and the person you're interested in must both agree that you have stronger feelings for each other than just a friendship feeling. However, don't rush things. Start off as friends first and as you get ( Full Answer )

Why is it so easy to fall in love with someone who says she does not love you as more than a friend?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nwell, in my opinion, we love to go after something that we cant have, maybe just the trill of the game, and we end up falling so hard for someone who's uninterested body language is perceived as playing hard to get. When u fall for someone that is your friend its hard becau ( Full Answer )

How do you get to be more than friends?

Answer . Friends go to movies and chat about it or just go out and have fun. It's time to take in a romantic dinner (you can plan it) long watches on the beach in the evening to watch the sunset. Basically, make it happen if you think he cares enough for you.

How to be more than friends with a girl?

Answer . Try spending little time with her and then a lot.Start asking what she likes in a boy and if you if you have those go for it! See with all the time you would spend with she will get to see your real side and start thinking you are a nice guy.She might even think you are cute.So ( Full Answer )

How to become more than friends?

Answer . This can be tricky cuz it might ruin your friendship if things don't work out that way. A good way to start the conversation is to ask some of these questions or say these things: "Did you know when we first started talking it was because I liked you?, "Why can I not seem to get a girlf ( Full Answer )

What can you do to love someone more than he does?

Answer . you should not let yourself get tired in thinking how to love someone more than he loves you..because if he really loves you, he will not ask for any love from you!just love him the way he should be love and the way you can..do not pretend someone else!be true to yourself,and never ever ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you told your friend that you like him more than a friend and he tells you he has crush on someone else?

Diffrent person: Well that depends. Im REAL shy so I would make up something and say HAHAHHA fooled ya! You should have seen your face! Or you could jsut deal with it. My friend told a guy she likes him, and hes jsut like what ever and there still good friends! Accept the fact that it may not b ( Full Answer )

How do you tell someone you like them more than a friend?

Well if you............ get scared just think they could like you more tha a frend aswell try Tobe conferdent if thry going out iwth someone try to wait till they breake up if you really like themmmmmthatuchrigth themma note or text themmif they don't like you back blametonafriend or say is w ( Full Answer )

How do you know if someone likes you more than a friend?

\nYou can tell if...........\n-they look at you more then 3 times in one period at school/group outing/club\n-If they stumble when they talk to you or if they stumble with their books \n-The most common is blushing if you see someone turning red when you see them then that is a huge sign if it happe ( Full Answer )

When do become more than friends?

when the person you love lets them lick u out very nite when the person you love lets them lick u out very nite i think it is when u spend time with that person

How do you get a guy to be more than friends?

I just went through this not that long ago, too, but i think i know what will help you. This is what happened to me. Sometime in around November of last year i got this huge crush on one of my guy friends. My feelings for him have been growing ever since then, and soon i realized that i was actually ( Full Answer )

How do you get a friend to be more than a friend?

Asking them. That's it. Also, give them time to respond, and don't be paranoid about the meaning of their answer- they may be very embarrassed and are probably trying not to hurt your feelings. If that fails, tough luck. They might no longer see you as even a friend. If you value your friend ( Full Answer )

How can you get a friend to be more than a friend?

If someone is a friend, then you shouldn't be shy to ask him or her if he likes you or something like that. If he or she is a true friend then should tell you the truth. If you like him or her then just tell him or her!!! Also, if that seems maybe too awkward or something, you could take that friend ( Full Answer )

I like you more than a friend?

Shut up you bellend we dont know u get a life bitch.and u dont have friends anyway so suk 9!

How do you be more mature than someone?

All you have to do is when someone points something out like lets say your in the car and you drive by speed bump and a sign next to that says "hump" and they laugh and show you,dont laugh its not that funny, its very childlike. Also try to be mellow and not run around screaming and stuff.

When does a friend become more than a friend?

When you get physical, you notice it, and you want more. Just remember that they may not feel the same way. You're best off talking to your parents about this.

How can I be more than friends with a guy?

Tell him you like him?. If you're too embarassed to do that, then things probably aren't going to work out. Being able to talk to someone is one of the most important parts about a relationship.

How do you tell someone you want to be more than friends?

Alright, the other day one of my friends said that he liked someone in the class and I asked who, then he made me guess. Give him some clues and sooner or later he will get. The funny part was I made him do the same thing... If he can't get it try giving him more clues, like his age, is he a friend, ( Full Answer )

What if you want to be more than friends with him?

have you tried asking him out? this mostly works. if you have feelings for him chances are he has feelings for you. but are you willing to risk your relationship with this guy?

How do you tell if someone likes you more than a friend?

you cant tell unless you ask them...although sometimes if the person is very expressive ..they show it in a gesture..an expression that is special..by being attentive..watchful of you, and jelous if you look at someone else

How can you tell if you like someone as more than a friend?

Being around a boy or a girl you Ike is kind of like having the flu. You have sweaty palms, you feel as if you are standing in hot lava, You almost feel like throwing up (in a very wierd way. You know the first time), and (if your a girl) you feel as if you are never going to stop giggling! ;)

I like you more than friend?

that could happen! Some people like their friends!!well, i wouldn't date him, i mean it might just happened to me, but its bad, we liked each other and we were best friends(notice the were) and now we try to be friends, but we fight all the time and have discussions, having a relationship with your ( Full Answer )

How Can you get your friend to like you more than a friend?

well...you should start by trying to hang out in smaller groups...and keep down siaing the group number....and just remember to be your true self... The best way to find out if someone likes you more is to be open and honest with them. Tell them you like them as more than a friend, and ask if the ( Full Answer )

What is it called when you more than love someone?

i doesnt have a name ! its just love happens sometimes but i sugest to not go out with neither - The first answer doesn't really answer the questions but presumes a condition that isn't necessary to discuss. You may call this situation "unrequited love", though usually means that the feeling of lo ( Full Answer )

Does she want to be more than friends?

either she will tell you she has feelings for you or she will start hanging out with you alot more or maybe both both. and if you dont feel the same way just say you would like to stay freinds and you can always see if she grows on you.

What is being more than friends?

It is when you have a special feeling in your gut and so does she and you will go out marry and make babys.

What do you call someone who is friends with your enemy?

Well if they know your enemies with that person then they are not a true friend. If they dont know talk to them and tell them they you have deep,bad feelings for that person. He/she will understand.

How can you tell if your in love with someone or if you just like them more than a friend?

Only time will tell all lot of the time. However, some other signs of love are you enjoy some of the same things, have a similar sense of humor. Of course be attracted to the person physically ,also on a metal level also. You miss them when they are gone for more that a day. Your heart skips a beat ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you like someone more than friends but when the moment is there to act upon it neither of us pursues anything more?

I had this happen to me. I was pretty sad that we didn't decide to do anything more, but it was his choice, not mine. And I respected that. But if it's just because you didn't do anything; not because you decided not to, I think that you should take that responsibility upon yourself and make a move. ( Full Answer )

What can you do to make someone like you more than a friend?

Well you could talk to them and ask them what they like and if you like most of the same things you could ask them to hang out and if they say yes let it from there LOL it just might work out if not i am soo sorry :'(

How do you tell if your friends or more than friends?

Usually you can tell from his body language and how he talks to you. Next time the two of you have a conversation, alone, watch for anything that could tell you he wants to be more than just friends.

How do you know if he more than a friend?

You know when he is more than a friend when he talks to you a lotmore than his other girl friends or when he talks to you a lotless. Because not every boy is the same it is hard to tell you howyou can know. When you are standing with a group of friends,including him, and he moves closer to you or he ( Full Answer )

How do you If you like him more than a friend?

You will end up smiling without knowing it when someone says his name, when you see him or if he starts talking to you, your throat will feel tight, an you will feel butterflies in your tummy

When someone drove something for more than twenty years what is it called?

A beat-up old car? LOL...what does that question even mean? I have driven my car for 25 years, it just qualified as antique. I got special plates for it, and it no longer needs to go through inspection. Hope this answers some aspect of your vague question that makes no sense.

Does she like me more than a friend?

One way to tell if a woman likes you more than a friend is bypaying attention to how she acts around you. Does she laugh a lotwhen she talks to you? Does she look directly in your eyes? Doesyou find excuses to touch you? If she does these things, she maylike you more than a friend.