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What do you call the evil spirit that does things to airplanes?

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Gremlin: Little, mischievous spirits of tools and

machinery. They are responsible for the little mishaps when working

with tools, such as the sudden diversion of a hammer towards your

thumb when you are driving a nail. They blunt sharp objects such as

saws and chisels, misplace tools, etc. Each household has its

hereditary gremlin which entered the house as an occupant of a

household appliance. This gremlin is responsible for letting the

air out of your tires when you are late for work, holds down the

lever of pop-up toasters so that the toast burns in stead of

ejecting, alters the hot and cold mixture when you are taking a

shower, and many other little torments.

Originally they were friendly towards mankind, and helped them

with many inventions. But when those engineers and mechanics

claimed all the credit of these inventions for themselves, this

insult soured the gremlin attitude towards mankind.

A Tid Bit

There are many superstitions on how to scare away gremlins. For

instance, motorcyclists put bells on the underside of their bikes

so that road gremlins wouldn't mess up their bikes and pull out an

important hose or get them involved in an accident. Gremlins are

afraid of the sound of the bell.

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