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What do you call the evil spirit that does things to airplanes?

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Gremlin: Little, mischievous spirits of tools and machinery. They are responsible for the little mishaps when working with tools, such as the sudden diversion of a hammer towards your thumb when you are driving a nail. They blunt sharp objects such as saws and chisels, misplace tools, etc. Each household has its hereditary gremlin which entered the house as an occupant of a household appliance. This gremlin is responsible for letting the air out of your tires when you are late for work, holds down the lever of pop-up toasters so that the toast burns in stead of ejecting, alters the hot and cold mixture when you are taking a shower, and many other little torments.

Originally they were friendly towards mankind, and helped them with many inventions. But when those engineers and mechanics claimed all the credit of these inventions for themselves, this insult soured the gremlin attitude towards mankind.

A Tid Bit

There are many superstitions on how to scare away gremlins. For instance, motorcyclists put bells on the underside of their bikes so that road gremlins wouldn't mess up their bikes and pull out an important hose or get them involved in an accident. Gremlins are afraid of the sound of the bell.

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What did the yeehats name buck in call of the wild?

they called him the Evil Spirit

How do the Ibo people answer to calls in Things Fall Apart?

People would never answer a call directly, for fear that it was an evil spirit. Instead they would say "Is that me?"

How do you tell if an Evil Spirit is around?

It des troys things and does strange thinga

How do you purify a room which is haunted by some evil spirit?

Call a priest and have him or her perform an exorcism

What is ogbanje in Things Fall Apart?

Ogbanje in Things Fall Apart the Ogbanje children , it means evil children who are inhabited by the spirit of evil like the twins

When the witch called Samuel was that Samuel or an evil spirit?

an evil spirit

Are guns evil?

Guns are not evil, they have no spirit or soul. Guns were made for specific purposes, including hunting and protection. The person who uses the weapon for things it was not intended for can be evil.

Is Gjoub an evil spirit?

Good Spirit

Things that happen when ghosts are around?

Well usually,nothing. they just walk around not doing anything. But if you summoned an evil spirit using a Ouija board, then some scary things can happen. Things an be knocked off walls/shelves, and things can be moved. So unless you summoned an evil spirit, nothing will happen.

How do you chase an evil spirit?

You do not chase an evil spirit, you simply cast it out as Jesus did, if you are a believer. If you are not a believer, beware, the evil spirit may chase you, as it did to the seven sons of Sceva, (Acts 19.14 to 17)

Is suicide an evil spirit?

No. There are many reasons for suicide, (and implications in the afterlife depending on what you believe in) but there is absolutely no such evil spirit of suicide.

What are the release dates for Sightings - 1992 Evil Spirit?

Sightings - 1992 Evil Spirit was released on: USA: 1996

What does it mean when you dream about making friends with an evil spirit?

It means that someone has that spirit with you . Someone is against you and saying things behind your back. Someone wants that something bad happens to you.

In Egypt what did evil spirit do?

They thought that evil spirits made them ill.

What is exorcise?

To drive out an evil spirit.

How many evil spirit are there?


What is Kheft?

An evil Egyptian spirit

When bad things happen who do you cling to?

You call on your creator. And turn away from evil ways.

Why is the miracle of driving out an evil spirit important?

The miracle of driving out an evil spirit is important in that it demonstrates that evil spirits are subject to the Living God and those who were acting in accordance with his will/command.

What is an example sentence for the word spirit?

The evil spirit took over the house.

What is the etymology of familiar?

c.1340, "intimate, very friendly," from O.Fr. familier, from L. familiaris "domestic." The sense gradually broadened. Of things, 1490. The noun meaning "demon, evil spirit that answers one's call" is from 1584.

What Evil spirit that likes to cause trouble for humans with o and you in the word?

What Evil spirit that likes to cause trouble for humans with o and I in the word

What is the name of the evil spirit in Poltergeist?


What is latin for evil spirit?

Animus miser

Does salt remove evil spirit?

No, but Jesus does!