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After you've put in the fuel rod, the screen should light up. As you should have learned from reading mordred's missing journal page, the "star coordinates" are 56 and 52. Turn the two knobs until the little screens above that say 56 and 52. Press LAUNCH and you should land on Pewter Moon.

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Q: What do you do after you've put the fuel rod in the saucer on astro knights island on poptropica?
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On poptropica on astro knights island what is the destonation code for the flying saucer?

x-56 y-52 it will get you to the moon. the moon is the only place you can go on the flying saucer

Where is the crashed saucer on Astro Knights Island?

The saucer Excalibur is crashed in the mud swamp to the right of the Mill.

What island is the binary bard on in poptropica?

on astro knights island

Poptropica's new world?

astro knights island

What island is the credit store on in poptropica?

astro knights

Astro Knights Island How do you get off the planet Earth?

Actually you are on the planet Poptropica, and to get into space you will need the crashed saucer Excalibur, in the mud field past the old mill.

What island came after Astro Knights Island in poptropica?

After the Astro Knights island release in June 2009, the next regular feature was Poptropica's Haunted House in October 2009. (Available through the Poptropica Store) The next scheduled island was Counterfeit Island.

How do you get to the moon on Poptropica?

you have to find the UFO in astro knights island.

In poptropica Astro Knights Island where do you get the book mark?

its in the muesuem

What is the next island on poptropica please tell you?

Astro Knights

How do you get to Astro Knights Island on Poptropica?

At the Poptropica website, all available islands appear on the Island Map.

Is there going to be another map on Poptropica?

There will be a new island on Poptropica called Astro Knights.