What do you do after you cut the bonsai tree in red dragon island?


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You go help villagers or go to the sumo match.


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When you get the scissors from the bridge, go right to the Bonsai Hut in the gardens. The game will pick a tree for you to cut.

You have to use the bonsai scissors to cut the tree just like the portrait and then when you finish he will immediately come in the room and buy the bonsai tree.

go in the building and cut the bonsai tree and she'll give you a robe then they will see you are from there and let you by

you go to the bonsai tree house and enter it. go to the blind lady and click on the scissors. a game will pop out and you have to cut the tree to match the drawing

when you are finished fixing the bridge a sumari will run on the bridge and drop the bonsai scissors go head and pick it up.now go to the bonsai tree store where you got you kimono the lady will ask you to cut bonsai trees

You have a picture right there to see wich leaves you cut on the tree. Just match it with the bonsai tree you are cutting. Tip: look very carfully and cut each leaf right to make it match with the photo. if you make a mistake press undo.

once you get the bonsai scissors, you go to the bonsai tree shop at main steet. go inside and talk to the old lady. she needs you to cut her bonsai, and you need to match the bonsai to the picture exactly.

When the Yokozuna runs over the repaired bridge, the girl drops her bonsai scissors. Go to the Bonsai hut (right, in the garden). The old woman is nearsighted, so she asks you to cut the tree. Carefully remove the leaves that are a different color, revealing the ones underneath that match the design image. Don't trim too far!

If you have caught the Kappa fish for the fisherman under the bridge, you have completed your tasks when you give the bonsai to the Yokozuna's assistant. Now you can enter the Sumo arena in West Edo.

When the girl drops her scissors on the bridge, pick them up and go right to the Bonsai hut in the gardens. You have to trim a tree for the Yokozuna's assistant before you can go to the arena.

When the girl drops her bonsai scissors on the bridge, pick them up and go right to the Bonsai Hut in the gardens. Go inside with the old woman, and click use on the clippers. Remove the extra leaves to match the example. When you have finished the bonsai for the Yokozuna's assistant, you can attend the Sumo match in West Edo.

First you need to cut the bonsai trees so the person can come in and collect a tree. Then you have to go to the wrestling match and have a betting slip. You figure it out when you sign the autographs for the wrestler.

You have to pay very close attention to it, cutting it exactly as pictured. Tips: Look at the colors of the leaves, their shapes, and how they are arranged. * The leaf groups have slightly different colors. Look on the model bonsai and then cut the extra leaves off the other one until you see the same colors and shapes underneath.

You help the old lady cut her bonzai trees in the Bonzai Tree shop. You must cut the tree EXACTLY as pictured.

You click on the bonsai tree to trim it. They give you a picture that you need to make the tree look like. clip on one leaf at a time until the shades shapes and positions of the leafs match the picture.

you have to go to the blind woman with the bonsai trees and cut some bonsai trees for her and you will get rewarded with 3 kimono options.

you will see sumo guy come in then he will say he wants one of the bonsai then its way over price then go on i think after the three geishas you have to fight

Some trees, like Oak, have a main or "Tap" root. If that is the only root available to support the tree it cannot be cut. Part of the time consuming training of a bonsai includes encouragement of new roots branching off of the trunk base prior to potting it up as a bonsai. When enough new roots are present the tap root can be cut so the tree will fit into a shallow pot.

The match starts once you fix the bridge so the sumo wrestler, Yokuzona can pass by. when Yokuzona passes by a lady will drop her bonsai scissors and you will pick it up. Once you have the bonsai scissors head for the bonsai trees store [this is located where the near-sighted women gave you the kimono] and you offer her the scissors to cut her trees. Then a person will walk in and buy the tree you trimmed. Once she buys it you head for the match which already began.

You first need to cut the bonsai trees so the person can come in and take a tree. Then go to the wrestling match and have the betting slip. Sign the autographs for the wrestler and then you can figure it out from there.

When you go fix the bridge then go get the scissors then cut the tree were you got the kimono then go were the mach is and fight!!

Yes, look up "air Layering" for the method of propagating many varieties from a limb. Roots are grown on the limb, then it is cut from the tree and planted. Many bonsai are started this way.

To cut the bonsi tree, you must pick up the cutters on the bridge. After you do that you go to the lady who gave you the kimonos ( clothing). next, click on her and she will tell you to cut the tree to match the picture. To cut off a leaf, click on it. To win you must make your tree look like the tree in the picture.

No, not all bonsai trees grow big you can get lilttle bonsai trees duhh well or you can also cut them to the size you want so when they are first grown you cut them how ever big you want them to grow.. =]

there are bonsai trees in the bonsai trees shop..inside there is a lady who is blind and needs help cutting trees...after repairing the rickyt bridge you will find scissors...use those to cut the trees! hope it helped! ;)

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