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you try to get through the doors again and it will let you in


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The most humorous, with rabbot ears and a giant Space Rabbot, is 24 Carrot Island.

In the Launch room, free the drone from the rabbot ears, then type in fuzzybunny(enter) and launch rabbot(enter).

The command is "launch rabbot."

It is on the far right side of the Processing Room of the Carrot Factory. If you aren't wearing rabbot ears, you will fall into a Preparing Room, where you can find some. Once you have rabbot ears on, you can enter and fool Dr. Hare.

funnybunny. You get it by going to the printer room and turning off the girl's rabbot ears and she prints it out for you.

he is in the factory the second time you go into the room in the bottom left hand corner once you get the rabbot ears he is there

The password is"fuzzybunny" and the command is"launch rabbot".

You have to release the drone there from the mind-control rabbot ears. (Trick him into turning around, then press the "C" button between the rabbot ears.) Using the printer, you get Dr. Hare's secret password, which is "fuzzybunny".

Remove the rabbot ears by tricking the drones into turning around. Press the power button (C) in the middle of the ears. When you have crashed the Giant Space Raboot into the meteors, exit by climbing up the rope with the freed prisoner.

The Rabbot ears control the drone workers. There is a pair in the chamber below the entry door in the Processing Room. Just try to get in, and a trap door will drop you there.

Crash the space rabbot into meteors and destroy it. Then follow the kid out on the rope or use the Carrot transporter to exit the factory. See the mayor and get your Island Medallion.

If you have removed the rabbot ears from the drone in the Launch Room, you can enter the password on the computer. Type fuzzybunny and hit enter. Then type launch rabbot and hit enter.

In the carrot cake factory, the "Drones Only" door will drop you into the Preparing Room when you first try it. Get the rabbot ears from the right side of the piston area, put them on, and try again.

After you are dropped into the Preparing Room by the trap door, get past the machines and find the rabbot ears at the right side (top), and exit through the ceiling. Put on the rabbot ears to get through the "Drones Only" door.

If you're talking about on 24 Carrot Island, then the password is fuzzybunny and the command is launch rabbot

you use the joystick to crash the rabbot in to the asteroids.

The door only dropped you into the Preparing Room because you weren't wearing drone rabbot ears. Once you get them, put them on and go back to the door again, and you can enter the Launch Room.

The password is entered in the Launch Room after you free the drones in the Processing Room and get the rabbot ears to fool the security door. (see related question)

Inside the processing room, go to the far right and to the double metal doors. You will drop through a trapdoor. Once you make it through without being squished, you will find a pair of rabbot ears. Put them on. Go into the double doors. The rabbot is in that room.

An evil genius stole all the carrots on 24 Carrot Island. Your objective is to defeat his plot and crash his spaceship, and free the rabbot drones from their metallic bunny ears. Dr. Hare is the mastermind of the plot to steal all the island's carrots. He is using them to make rocket fuel for his giant space rabbot. You have to find him and prevent him from succeeding.

The Giant Space Rabbot is in the Launch Room at the Carrot Cake factory, and the carrots are being turned into rocket fuel. Free the drones and stop Dr. Hare's evil plan.

Dr. Hare is using mind-control rabbot ears on 24 Carrot island, and Sir Rebral is using telekinesis on Super Power Island. (see the two related questions)

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