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Call poison control center

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Q: What do you do if a child swallow a pill?
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How old does a child have to be to swallow a pill medication?


How do you teach a child to take a pill?

tell your kid to focus on the water and just swallow the water and imagine there is no pill.

What is the best way to give Stratter to a 4 year old child since he cannot swallow the pill?

Buy a pill-crusher- it turns the pill into power, you can put it into water and the child can drink the water and the Stratter. Easy!

What is a bitter pill to swallow?

A bitter pill to swallow is something unpleasant which must be accepted or endured.

How is ecstasy applied?

It is a pill that you swallow.

What are different ways to take vicodin if you cant swallow them?

You can crush it and snort it, you can swallow the whole pill, you can crush and swallow the whole pill, or you can filter the acetaminophen out and drink the hydrocodone.

Do water help you swallow a pill or soda?

Personally, I like using water to swallow a pill, but you could use soda I guess...

What is the easiest way to swallow a pill?

The easiest way to swallow a pill would be with some water. drink the water as you normally do and don't forget to swallow the pill along with it. Or you can hold your head back and concentrate. The easiest way is with water.

How do you make sleeping pills?

you get some water and a pill and put the pill in your mouth and take a drink of water then swallow or just chew it but that is gross but it is harder to swallow the pill than chew it!

How can I help a child swallow a pill?

Sit up straight with their head centered and straight. Tilt their head back only a bit. Leaning too far back can make it harder to swallow. Take a few sips of water to "practice" swallowing. Put the pill on their tongue and then drink the water again. (Sometimes having kids drink through straws can help.) If the pill seems too big for your child to swallow, ask the pharmacist if it's safe to cut it into smaller pieces.

What does an idiom 'bitter pill to swallow' mean?

A bitter pill to swallow means something that is unpleasant, but true or important to hear. Medicine has a reputation for tasting bad, but you take it to get better. It is unpleasant but helpful. "It was a bitter pill to swallow when Jane was told that her son was a bully."

How do you get a pill out of the windpipe?

If you swallow a pill and it accidentally passes into the windpipe, it will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable. You can get the pill out by coughing it up.

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