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Jump and try to save them

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What happens during an avalanche?

snow jumps off a cliff

How does an endotherm act when too hot?

it jumps off a cliff

Man who jumps off cliff jumps to conclusion.?

A man who jumps off of a cliff will most likely plummet to his death. Unless he jumps off of a cliff with a parachute on, or is on a hangglider or is Superman, or....Oh, never mind. Jumping to conclusions is usually safer, but not wise. It takes years and years of practice to successfully jump to conclusions and even then many times the jumping will only crush the conclusion.

Bella jumps off the cliff into the ocean right in New Moon?


Who saved Bella from falling of a cliff?

Bella jumps off the cliff and she realizes later that Victoria was behind her. When she hits the water she begins to get pulled in bye the current and Jacob Black jumps in to save her.

Name of song when Bella jumps off cliff?

"Slow Life" by Grizzly Bear

Who does Bella see when she jumps off of the cliff from new moon?

As she jumps, she sees Edward. Then the red-headed vampire Victoria swimming in the water.

What are some examples of gravitational potential energy?

when an apple falls out of a tree, a person jumps off a building and many more

What is the falling action of The Most Dangerous Games?

The falling action is when Rainsford jumps off the cliff.

If a cow jumps off a cliff will it die?

Yes it is very likely to suffer fatal injury.

What is the song on that car commercial where the guy jumps off the cliff and then gets in his car?

alive and amplified, by the mooney suzuki

What animal jumps off a cliff every year?

Many animals do but Lemming do it the most they are famed for doing so

What do you call a person who jumps off a Paris bridge?

In seine.

How do you fix a Honda that jumps out of gear and wont shift back into gear unless the car is restarted?

Push it off a cliff.

What is the name of the music video where the singer is on a cliff and taking off his watch then jumps into the water?

"You're Beautiful" James Blunt

Dramatic irony in The Most Dangerous Game?

its when he jumps off a cliff, but doesn't die. he is in Zaroffs room waiting to kill him

What is the song where in the music video the singer strips down into his underwear and jumps off a cliff?

James blunt - you're beautiful

How does the force of gravity on a cliff-diver who jumps off a cliff with a parachute after he first jumps off compare to the force of gravity on him while he is standing on the edge?

The mutual forces of attraction between him and the Earth will not change, no matter where he goes, how he moves, or what position he assumes, as long as he remains at roughly the same distance from the center of the Earth.

What is the person called that jumps off high mountains?

bunjie jumper

To escape from Zaroff Rainsford does what?

runs to a cliff and jumps into the sea

How does rainsford escape from zaroff?

runs to a cliff and jumps into the sea.

Can you fall off a cliff and live?

It is possible for a human to fall off a cliff and survive. There are many factors that could allow this, including the height of the cliff, the physical condition of the person that falls, and the surface that they land on.

A friend fell off the cliff in a dream?

It means you are unhappy with the person

Is gravitational force acting on a person who falls off a cliff?


How does Bella jump off a cliff in New Moon?

She just jumps.Update as of 04/09/2010 by Uvabunchies:Off a cliff. She jumps off a cliff--not to kill herself, it's for recreation. It's after she jumps and starts to kind of drown that she decides to just stop fighting. It wasn't planned--she just meant to do it for fun and ended up not fighting to get to the surface because she saw Edward the Hallucination and she decided to stop fighting because Edward--though not the actual Edward--was there and she'd get to see him one last time and have her final moments with him--kind of. But she doesn't die--obviously if there are two books following New Moon.

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