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If he is beating on your door. and You have your vehicle on public street or in your driveway he may just drive away with it. If your vehicle is in your garage or on your private property He cannot legally break the entering to obtain the vehicle

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Q: What do you do if a repo man is literally beating in your front door?
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Do you have the right to sue the bank if the repo man opens your garage door with the garage door opener in Texas?

No. The bank didn't do it...... the repo man did. See the problem with your logic?

Can a repo man go onto your property if they dont even see the car in?

my husband and i have our own repo company in ohio. we do alot of door knocks (try to make contact with the debtor) and sometimes we will try both front and back door. but we can not go snooping around. but if we find the unit we are going to do everything we have to to get that unit. just remember repo men get payed by the car not by hour. nichole Read your contract.

Can a repo man knock on your door when trying to repo your car that's not there?

Yes, they can knock on your and attempt to contact you. what the lastest time they can do that

Can repo man ring or knock on front door at midnight?

Laws on this (and interpretations of those laws) can vary in different jurisdictions. In some states, there is a law dictating "peaceful repossession", and knocking on a door at midnight might be considered in violation of that.

Why did the repo man not take my car after not answering the door?

Maybe the repo man was after something other than your car. Or, maybe the person was there to serve you with some papers.

Can a repo man break an automatic garage door opener to repossess a car?


Your car was repoed with your purse sitting in the front seat the repo company did not knock on your door to even give you any advance warning is this legal?

if you told them about the purse and they kept it it probably is, otherwise i do not think so.

In Kansas can a repo agent enter a shed without a door on it to repo a wrecked and not drivable car if there are 2 other cars in its way?

In New Jersey we are not allowed to move other vehicles out of the way to perform a repo, and we are not allowed to enter dwellings, either physically or with equipment.

Can a repo man bang on your door like crazy at 3am and demand your car keys?

yes he has the power and authority to do that

Is a repo man allowed in New Jersey to call you at 550 AM and then begin to knock on your door for 20 minutes at 600 AM I did not answer the door because my husband was not at home at the time?

No, this is trespassing.

Is banging on your door by the repo man 3 o clock in the morning breach of peace?

Yes, indeed. Call 911.

Can a repo man knock on the door at 3 am?

Of course, it sounds like he must have. You can always tell him to leave and call the cops.

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