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Q: Can a repo man break an automatic garage door opener to repossess a car?
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Are they allowed to repossess a car from a closed garage in an apartment building in California?

IF they did not break into the garage(ie; someone let them in)

Is it possible for someone to break into your house using your own garage door opener against you?

if he smacks it over your head, yes.

Can they take your car at work?

Yes! a repo agent can legally repossess collateral anywhere, as long as he doesn't breach the peace or break and enter into a locked garage or gate

Can you go on a persons property to repossess a vehicle?

In general, yes, provided that there is no "breach of the peace", which means that you cannot break into a locked garage or cause any damage to property.

Can a repo company break into your garage to repossess your vehicle in the middle of the night?

No. The repossession agency/agent can obtain a replevin order to be served on the person to whom the vehicle is registered and if said person(s) do not comply they can be held in contempt of a court order.

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Are repo men allowed to go in a locked garage?

In most states no, they cannot break into a locked garage to get the car.

Is it a criminal offense to hide the car Can they break into a locked garage?

No and no.

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