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In most states no, they cannot break into a locked garage to get the car.

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Q: Are repo men allowed to go in a locked garage?
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Are repo men allowed to enter an unlocked garage even if it is closed?


Are repo men allowed to enter an apartment building's gated locked garage under the Breach of Peace Law?

Was the gated garage really locked at the time the car was repoed?, Could have one of the other resident been coming or going so the gate was open when the repo people entered the property? Can you prove they broke in? Is there a security camera that will prove they did or didn't break in?

What is the repo man not allowed to do?

He's not allowed to repossess your baby. Note: Child welfare service workers are not repo men; they CAN take your baby.

Can repo men come in your garage?

Yes In most places hiding the car from the repo man is illegal. If he is sure the car is in there he can enter a storage place and reposes the car. But he is not allowed to intimidate or do violence to the person or property damage to make the repossession.

Is it legal for a cop to force you to allow a repo man to tresspass?

repo men are allowed to be on the property... once they have possession of the car, it is legally theres.

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