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In most states no, they cannot break into a locked garage to get the car.

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Are repo men allowed to enter an apartment building's gated locked garage under the Breach of Peace Law?

Was the gated garage really locked at the time the car was repoed?, Could have one of the other resident been coming or going so the gate was open when the repo people entered the property? Can you prove they broke in? Is there a security camera that will prove they did or didn't break in?

What is the repo man not allowed to do?

He's not allowed to repossess your baby. Note: Child welfare service workers are not repo men; they CAN take your baby.

Can repo men come in your garage?

Yes In most places hiding the car from the repo man is illegal. If he is sure the car is in there he can enter a storage place and reposes the car. But he is not allowed to intimidate or do violence to the person or property damage to make the repossession.

Is it legal for a cop to force you to allow a repo man to tresspass?

repo men are allowed to be on the property... once they have possession of the car, it is legally theres.

What is the duration of Repo Men?

The duration of Repo Men is 1.85 hours.

What was the Production Budget for Repo Men?

The Production Budget for Repo Men was $32,000,000.

How much money did Repo Men gross worldwide?

Repo Men grossed $18,195,238 worldwide.

What is the reflection of Repo Men?

repo man looking back at him

What are the release dates for Repo Men Stealing for a Living - 2001 Repo Adventurer?

Repo Men Stealing for a Living - 2001 Repo Adventurer was released on: USA: August 2004

How much money did Repo Men gross domestically?

Repo Men grossed $13,942,007 in the domestic market.

Can you go to jail if you don't give the repo man your car?

It depends entirely on the laws in your state!! Some states allow repo men almost unlimited power while in other states there are very strict guidelines as to the power they have and how they use it. Check your local laws regarding what repo men in YOUR state are allowed to do. Good Luck

Do repo men use gps to find a car?

Yes! A repo man stole into my locked backyard to install a GPS system when I did not pay on a TITLE LOAN. I noticed him following me over the next two weeks. The repo man stole back into my yard to remove the GPS after two weeks with no repo success. I settled with the CASH STORE for the original loan amount no interest.

Is it legal to take cars from someone when your name is on the title but they have the cars?

If there's even the slightest doubt in your mind as to the legality of something you're about to do, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by checking with an attorney first. If someone illegally has your property, it's usually legal for you to reclaim it providing that you don't break any laws in the process. That second part is important, and why I recommend talking to an attorney. Reposession laws are, basically, what you're describing here. Repo men are allowed to "break into" the car and take it. However, they are not allowed to break into a garage and take the car (even if the garage isn't actually locked), or to commit criminal trespass.

What are the release dates for Repo Men Stealing for a Living - 2001 Repo Bubba 2-2?

Repo Men Stealing for a Living - 2001 Repo Bubba 2-2 was released on: USA: 30 November 2003

Can your car be repossessed on private property?

Yes they can. The only exception to this - Is if your yard has a locked or closed fence. If your yard is secured by a fence the "repo" men/women cannot legally enter your yard.

What are the release dates for Repo Men Stealing for a Living - 2001 Southern Fried Repo 3-1?

Repo Men Stealing for a Living - 2001 Southern Fried Repo 3-1 was released on: USA: 22 August 2004

Can the guards keep repo men out of a set of apartment?

If it is privately owned property and stipulates no trespassing (like a gated community or such) then yes. Unless the Repo men have a court order or similar legal document. Then no, the guards cannot, and are obliged by law to assist the repo men.

What is the theme song for repo men?

You may be thinking of "Burn my Shadow" by UNKLE. But be more specific: are you talking about the movie Repo Men? Where did you hear this song? Is it in the movie, and if so then at what point?

Do REPO men call you at home?

If they can find your phone number.

What is the movie title 'Repo Men' in Russian?

The word 'Потрошители' is a Russian equivalent to the title of the movie 'Repo Men'.

Who wrote a book about the repo men?

The book, Repo Men, was written by Eric Garcia. In 2010, Universal Pictures released a movie based on the book, starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker.

Is repo the genetic opera a novel book?

No Repo! started as the Necromerchent's Debt written by Terrance ZdunichNote: The book you may be thinking of is Repossession Mambo which is what the film Repo Men is based from.

Is kissing allowed in Islam to face of my friend men between men?

no kissing is not allowed between men and men

What are the release dates for Inside Night Shift - Repo Men - 2009 TV?

Inside Night Shift - Repo Men - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 23 July 2009

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