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First, make sure it's not the restaurant's policy to add a gratuity for a certain party size or cost of meal. Then, immediately dispute the charge with your credit card company so you can have it removed. Then you can either call and complain to the restaurant manager or file a police report in the jurisdiction of the restaurant's location. The crime could be considered a petit theft or a felony credit card theft charge.

2006-08-10 15:37:22
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How long after an authorized user can you get your own credit card?

Being an authorized user no longer has an impact on your credit score like it used to. In the past, you were able to be added as an authorized user on a credit card, and all of the credit history and credit limit would be reported on your credit report as if it was your credit effectively obtaining unearned credit for the authorized individual. A few years ago the credit reporting industry changed, and no longer recognize an authorized user as credit responsible and therefore it has little to no impact on your credit score. If you would like to obtain credit from this card, contact the card issuer and request to be added as a joint user. If you are jointly responsible for the credit, it will report to the bureaus and impact your score. Approval is still required, but it is typically easier to be approved when you are already and authorized user on a card.

How much would it raise your credit scores if you were added as an authorized user on a credit card?

If you are an authorized user of another persons credit it has no effect on your credit at all. It will not raise nor lower your score. The credit card company simple issues you a card with your name on it and then holds the person who holds the credit with them responsible for any charges you make.

If a person has been added as an authorized user in the past on a credit card and the primary card holder has requested they be removed as an authorized user will the account discontinue being reporte?


What is an 'authorized user' of credit card?

When you get a card you can request to have another user on your card, they will get there own card, but it will be under your credit card. (Example: my hubby has a credit card and I'm an authorized user, so I have a card with the same acct number.) added note:- When adding an authorized user to your account, you are agreeing to any and all charges that person places on the account. If the authorized user chooses to abuse the account, such as making purchases beyond the amount that you are able to pay or by exceeding the limit of the card, the negative effects goes against the primary users credit. The authorized users credit is not affected at all and they are not responsible for payments. So be careful who you chose to add to your card.

Can a credit card company report bad credit on an authorized user's credit report after the death of the primary card holder?

if you are an authorized user on the card then you are responsible for the card too. so yes they can

If you have a credit card only in your name will it affect or show on your husbands credit report?

No, only the owner and authorized users of the credit card will be reported on the credit card company to the credit agencies. If your husband is an authorized user on the credit card then it will show up on his credit report.

Will the owners credit be impacted is an authorized user is added?

The owner and/or joint owner are solely responsible for the credit card. This includes everything from making payments, dealing with fraud, being reported to the credit bureaus, etc. If an authorized user abuses his/her credit spending, the responsibility still lies in the hands of the owner of the credit card.

Does the balance on a credit card show on your credit report if you are an authorized user on that card?

In a word, yes.

Can a minor get a credit card?

Yes, but only if the credit card owner has officially authorized the minor to use it.

If you have a credit card account and you added a family memeber but the cc company didn't need their ss number or birthday year just their name only does that mean it's not reported on their credit?

It depends on if they were added on as an authorized user or as a cosigner. If you just give permission for someone to use the card, then it will not appear on their credit report. However, if they sign on the card and agree to take responsibility for repayment, then it should appear on their credit report. If you sign for the card, they should ask for a social security number. My guess in your situation is that they were just added on as an authorized user.

How many cosigners you can have on a credit CARD?

None, cause credit card companies are getting away from co-signers and joint accounts and having authorized shoppers instead. By having only authorized shoppers the full responsibility of the credit card is the Primary card holder.

What can you do if you were added as an authorized used to a credit card and now the primary is saying you were not and reported fraud?

Somebody had to SIGN that authorization check at the bank for the signature

If you are an authorized user on your parents credit card and they claim bankruptcy how will that affect your credit?

It will not affect your credit at all. Their credit information was used to secure the card. You are in the clear.

In Rhode Island is the wife responsible for her husband's credit card if she is an authorized user of the credit card?

No, Rhode Island is not a community property state and an authorized user is not responsible for the debt incurred.

Remove your daughter from your credit cards?

Call the credit card companies and tell them that you want her removed as an authorized user from your card.

In Oregon is a wife responsible for her husband's credit card debt if she is not a co-signer or authorized user of the credit card?


Can a credit card company take money from your debit card?

Only if you have authorized them to do so.

What credit card companies allow authorized users?

As far as I know these credit card companies will allow authorized users to be added. 1. CitiBank 2. Barclays 3. CapitalOne (some cards) 4. Bank of America (some cards) 5. USAA There may be more but these are the ones I know about.

Can you transfer a spouse's credit balance to credit card?

Yes, you can transfer any balance you want to your credit card. Note if you transfer the balance to your credit card, you are now liable for the full debt and not him unless he is an authorized user on the credit card.

If my mother is an authorized user on my credit card and she is currently in the process of foreclosure would her foreclosure as an AU affect your credit?

No, having her listed as an authorized user will have no impact on your credit score.

Are you liable for the amount you signed for or the full balance on a credit card if you are an authorized user only?

If you're only an authorized user on a credit card, you don't directly owe anything as far as the credit company is concerned. However, you can still be sued by the individual who has the card account.

What type of credit card to become an authorized user to help raise credit score?

Having an authorized user card does not help the authorized user's credit bureau score. ie) if I had good credit and I gave someone an authorized user card, that person's purchases would be on my statement and I would be responsible for the other person's purchases. If I don't pay for the other person's purchases, it would reflect on my credit bureau negatively as not paying on time and be charged interest.

Are primary card holders credit affected by adding a user?

A Primary card holder's credit will not be impacted by adding an authorized user.

How do you fix your credit card on Xbox Live when it says credit card not authorized?

that's what u get for using a super cool xbox

Can you be added to a credit card as an authorized user during bankruptcy?

I seriously doubt it ! A credit check on your name would flag up that you're in the throes of bankruptcy - and thus are a very high risk !