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I would start with the basics depending on which code(s). Is it a small leak, medium leak or large leak? It may be related to the fuel cap or how it seals. It may have a leak or part failure within the evap system. If the cap doesn't solve it, find the local snap on tool dealer and ask him the best troubleshooting gargage for this in your area. He should know. This really isn't a d-i-y kind of thing for most.

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Q: What do you do if evap emissions code came up on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?
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1987 Toyota corolla?

The 1987 Toyota Corolla came in two door and four door models, a multitude of colors and a 4 speed manual transmission and a 4 cylinder engine.

Flashing vsc light on toyota corolla came on along with check engine light?

If the VSC flashing light comes on at the same time on your Toyota Corolla, then there might be a sensor issue, and if you have a warranty, have it back to the manufacturer.

What is the meaning of the ABS dashboard symbol on the Toyota Corolla NZE?

The ABS Light came up in my Toyota Alex car what should the Mechanic verify and replace

How long does the warranty on catalytic converter last on a 2003 Toyota corolla?

The emissions warranty on the 2003 Corolla is for 70000 miles. I have recently had the check engine light come on and had the dealership analyze the issue. They pointed to the catalytic converter. The check engine light came on shortly after the car reached 75000 miles. Bad new is the dealership quoted repairs at over $1200! Needless to say, I was not happy with the diagnosis nor the price. I expect better from Toyota products.

Who do you Reset the check engine light in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

You have to find the reason why it came on.

What is the Automatic transmission capacity 1993 Toyota Corolla?

The 1993 Toyota came available in the A131L and A245E automatic transmissions. The service fill capacity of the A131L is 5.1 quarts and the A245E 8 quarts.?æ

What engine goes on the corolla from 1991-1996?

Toyota Corolla models from 1991 to 1996 fall under the seventh generation and officially coded as Corolla E 100. Various engines came depending on the displacement type. For example, the 1.6 liter petrol variant came with three engine models, the 4A-FE, the 4A-GE (20 valve version), and the 4A-GZE.

Can you put 16 in wheels on a 1999 Toyota Tacoma?

My 1999 Tacoma, bought second hand, came with 16" rims. So yes, you can.

Does the 2004 Toyota Corolla need to have the wheel bearings repacked?

The 2004 Toyota Corolla came equipped in the 1.8L L4 engine only. The rears have a bolt-in hub/wheel bearing assembly. The XRS model did have bolt-in fronts, however the other models need to have their front bearings removed, and greased and then hydraulically pressed-in.

How to change timing belt on 1999 Toyota corolla?

there is none. fortunately you have a timing chain on your car (I also have a '99) and it lasts forever. well, almost forever. I had one on a Toyota pick-up, 1980s vintage. eventually it came through the timing chain cover -- but never broke. it had over 200,000 mies on it at that point. something else killed the tuck, not the timing chain.

What is correct tire presure on a 2002 Toyota corolla?

Per the manual that came with my '02 Corolla it states 30, but we keep it seems to run smoother for me if I keep it at 35. Check inside your glove compartment for a sticker; it's usually around 32...35psi is a bit high!

What does obd exempt mean on a 1990 Toyota Corolla?

Some states test cars for pollution compliance by connecting a reader to the vehicle's OBD-II port. Your 1990 Corolla is exempt from OBD-II testing because you don't have an OBD-II port - they first came out in 2006.

Can you buy a rack pinoin repair kit for a 1988 Toyota corolla 5-speed?

i have no idea. you see i just came out of a mental camp and i need serious help from a therapist. so KILL THE CAT!!!!

1990 Toyota corolla rr power window went down - will not come back up using frontrear buttons Toyota service said they could prop it up with a 2x4 but that it would problably come smashing down?

the window motor is bad. order a motor . then have it replaced. easy to do your self. former Toyota tech.I would try replacing the switch that controls the problem window first. I had the same problem with the front passenger window of a 1999 Corolla. I thought it was the motor at first but when i put the switch from the rear window on it, it came up just fine. I don't know why, but it also effects the driver's control panel.

1999 Toyota 4 runner limited PO171 came up changed upstream sensor still check engine light came back on any reasons for this?

Clean the MAF. Then clear the code.

How long will it last when a Toyota Corolla engine's fuel light lights up?

not sure about newer models, but I used to own a '98 Corolla, and when the fuel light came on I had approximately 30 miles before I would run out of gas, so unless they've increased it, I'd say it's probably safe to assume it's about the same.

How do you replace the starter in a 1985 Toyota Corolla?

Remove the negative battery cable. Follow the posative cable down to the starter. remove the wires then the bolts holding it to the engine. Label the wires to make sure they go back where they came from.

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What came factory with a seud sunroof motor with 2 wires?

I have a 1995 Toyota corolla with a special package added on to the dealer. It came with a add-on sun roof which was powered by a sued motor that had two wires running to it. A blue and a red wire. I am looking for a replacement for this motor which is how I can across your question. Jack.

What transmission came in the 1991 Toyota 4x4?

i have the 1991 toyota 4x4 with a g58 trans

How do you add refrigerant on Toyota Corolla where is the intake point for the r134 on Toyota Corolla?

In my 1996 Corolla, the intake point is in the back left corner when you open the hood. It's a small cap about half an inch wide and an inch long, has an "L" on the top and when you remove it and look at the inside it should be light green. My can of r134 came with a blue hose with a pressure gauge attached to it and you just unscrew the cap on your hose, attach the hose with the r134, and hold the can of r134 upside down while shaking it. The engine should be on with the AC on at max while you're doing this for it to charge properly. Hope this helps.

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It Came from the Sky - 1999 TV was released on: USA: 15 May 1999

You bought a used corolla Toyota 2002 no warrenty from a Galeana Dealer ship in Ft Myers Fl driving the car home blue smoke came from the engine they took your money and do not wish to replace the car?

If you bought the car "as is" with no warrantee, you have no legal recourse.

What year motors fit 90 Toyota Corolla?

Three different engines came in the corolla of that year. There was the 4A-F 1.6L, THE 4A-FE 1.6L, AND THE 4A-GE 1.6L that were also available in the celica and some geo prizms. It would be easiest to use the model that came in the car. If you want to modify/ enhance perfromance and newer or larger engine can be installed. Installing a non factory engine would require modifying wiring harness,fuel, exhaust systems replacing transmissions etc.

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