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Q: What do you do if its night and you dont have all the pieces for counterfeit island?
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How do you put the torn pieces together counterfeit island?

you dont. they put them together for you.

How do you get the paper after it changes from day to night in counterfeit island in poptropica?

actually i dont know so get over it and move on gosh

How do you help the clown in Counterfeit Island?

you dont have to

How do you get the last scrap of paper on Counterfeit Island?

i dont know im searching for it!!

Where is the right wing on counterfeit poptropica island?

i dont know so sorry

How do you catch the thief while on scooter on Counterfeit island?

You dont you just have to keep up with him.

Where are the pictures on Counterfeit Island?

If you say i want the job the paintings are on the sides and if you dont say i want the job you dont get to see the paintings.

How do you get the boy that floated away on counterfeit island?

you dont need to. its a distraction to talk to the guy in internet cafe.

What if you go out of the suply room and leave without going to jail on counterfeit island?

I'm not sure anything happens i already passed that island and I dont think I went to jail try doing it and see what happens

What are you supposed to paint on Counterfeit Island?

Whatever you want. It's yours. You can print it out. _______________________________________________________________ Yeah its realy just for fun you dont beat the island just for painting a picture you have to protect the scream!!!

What features of the newspaper helped you to connect the pieces perfectly?

What features of the newspaper helped you to connect the pieces

Who do you ask to find the Museum security guard on Counterfeit Island?

unfortunatley i dont remember exactly who you ask.but you go to the clown store and...poof...he's right there.

How do you get past the guy on the third level on counterfeit island?

On the second floor, there is a couch. Jump on it, but dont jump. Wait until the guy walks toward the edge and then jump. Then go left and enter her lair.

Why isn't there a line connecting the Black Widow's Underground Hideout and the Countryside in Counterfeit Island's map?

Its because when you get to the Black Widow's underground hideout, you dont go through somewhere to get there. The Black Widow takes you. So you just sort of materialise there.

How do you find the fake part of the picture in counterfeit island?

go to the ranch house once you have the key, then go to the top where the corner of a picture is peeling. Finish peeling it and there you go; you will then be attacked by the black shadow. (i THINK that was the name, i dont actually remeber...) =)

Is chopping meat into pieces is a physical change?

I dont nkow

Where do you get the horns and dragon tail on poptropica?

you have to go down into nabooti island then once you get the plane map you can go to te island on the bottom of the island and i dont know the name but if you talk to the shop owner guy for one piece of gold per word and ten pieces of gold pper item he will give it to you.

How do you solve shrink ray island on poptropica?

YOU DONT (actually i dont know how to finish the island)

What is the youngest hawiian island?

i dont know why dont you ask the youngest hawiian island maybe it will give you an answer

What do you co when you are in the tunnel and someone is about to steal the scream in Counterfeit on Poptropica?

i really dont know but i dont think your supposed to go in the exit when he opens it but im not really sure

How do you fix Study Island?

you dont

Where is the puffle island?

dont u mean rockhopper island?

What crimes does the secret service handle?

I Dont Know? its a secret. They investigate counterfeit money and they protect the president.

Where are the 5 pieces of the treasure map?

Well, the question is a little confusing, because of the categories you have it placed in. But if you mean Poptropica (I dont play sims), then i would have to tell you that there is one piece on each island. LegoKiva

What jobs does Rhode Island?

dont know