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You will need to do a clean 1k then defrag Fdisk then format

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โˆ™ 2006-04-08 16:04:05
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Q: What do you do if the message 'windows 98 has detected drive c does not contain a valid fat or fat 32 partition' appears after performing defrag?
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What do you do if the message 'windows 98 has detected drive c does not contain a valid fat or fat 32 partition' appears when booting from a floppy?

This usually occurs after formatting or putting a new hard drive into a system and needs to be fidisked. To do this get to a dos prompt usuing a bootable floppy, type in fdisk and partition the hard drive using the on screen options (create new partition)(fat32 for windows 95/98/me ntfs for nt/xp/2000)

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