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This usually occurs after formatting or putting a new hard drive into a system and needs to be fidisked. To do this get to a dos prompt usuing a bootable floppy, type in fdisk and partition the hard drive using the on screen options (create new partition)(fat32 for windows 95/98/me ntfs for nt/xp/2000)

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A mixture that appears to contain only one substance is a?

It APPEARS to contain only one substance, so it is a.... homogeneous mixture. (:

What are application partitions?

Application Directory Partition is a partition space in Active Directory which an application can use to store that application specific data. This partition is then replicated only to some specific domain controllers. The application directory partition can contain any type of data except security principles (users, computers, groups).

Does champagne contain sulfides?

Champagne, like other wines, does contain sulphites. These are totally harmless and almost certainly would not be detected by the drinker.

Does oxygen contain a triple bond?

Only when it appears as Ozone.

What about the speed of the computer when a computer contain 2 OS?

There is no difference in speed. If you are dual-booting, the only consumed resource is hard drive space, which has no impact on performance.

Can you tell if you have high blood sugar by looking at your urine?

Your urine will not look different but it will contain sugars which can be detected chemically.

Does a swap partition contain a filesystem?

In the normal sense of a "file"system, swap is not formatted as a file system. It is formatted similar to memory or RAM.

How many verses contain the word few?

In the King James version the word - few - appears 65 times (in 62 verses) the word - fewer - appears once the word - fewest - appears once the word - fewness - appears once

What are the disadvantages of dual-booting Windows XP and Windows 7?

Other than using more disc space to contain both operating systems, there are no inherent disadvantages.

Does lubricant contain sperm?

Lubricant as in a tube you mean? Does not contain sperm NO. However if you mean the transparent lubricant liquid that appears from a mans penis, that is called pre-cum and yes it does contain sperm.

How many chapters in the Bible contain the word faith in them?

In the King James version.... * The word "faith" appears 247 times Further forms of the word are: * "faithless" which appears 4 times; * "faithfully" which appears 8 times; * "faithfulness" which appears 19 times; * "faithful" which appears 82 times;

What is pqservice?

PQSERVICE is a hidden partition by Acer used in Acer, Packard Bell and EMachine's. It contain Recovery files, drivers, software like eRecovery and passwords.

What generates a Non-System Disk or Disk Error?

While booting, a computer looks at a number of available disks (floppies, CDs, harddisks) to see if they contain a bootable operating system. Older PCs would always boot from the harddisk, unless a floppy was present, and if that floppy didn't contain an operating system (like DOS), it would give this error message so you could remove the floppy and the computer could go on booting from the harddisk.

Does sodium benzoate contain carbon atoms?

As the chemical formula for sodium benzoate is:NaC6H5CO2The answer appears to be yes.

If a star's spectrum does not contain spectral lines characteristic of a certain element can we conclude that the star do not contain that element Why or Why not?

It merely means that the amount of this element in the visible part of a star - the part that emits the spectrum - is too small to be detected by this method.

What layer of the atmosphere does the ozone appear?

The ozone appears in the stratosphere and troposphere. Lower stratosphere and higher troposphere contain it.

What brand-name computers have hard drives that contain a partition that can be used to reinstall Windows. What is the name for this partition?

It's called the 'recovery' partition. Various manufacturers will put recovery partitions on certain computer models and not others. Many (older) models came with recovery CDs or DVDs. Newer models expect you to burn recovery media from the recovery partition so that you can recover a system on a new hard drive if the old one fails. You can also try downloading from the computer company web site and burn it to recovery media.

Does dunkin' donuts coffee contain chicory?

Chicory is a type of coffee flavoring or essence. It appears that Dunkin' Donuts coffee does not contain chicory and that it is made from 100% Arabica coffee.

What is a bulkheadon a ship?

A bulkhead is a dividing wall or partition within the hull of the ship. Bulkheads allow for increased structural soundness and can also be used to contain water in the event of a hull breach.

What is super block in Linux?

Super block is supposed to be the first sector of any file system that can be mounted on Linux operating system. It is supposed to contain information about the entire file system in that partition. It has magic number to specify which file system is used in that partition and other parameters to help read/write to that file system.

How many verses in the bible contain the word mother?

The word "mother" or "mothers" appears in the Bible almost 300 times

When using a season pass at cedar point do you have to show id?

No, the season passes contain a barcode where, when scanned your photo appears.

What is the us state mentioned in the bible?

In the King James version The name of no US state appears as a word, or as a phrase. However, the following contain the word - Maine - within them. the word - remained - appears 53 times the word - remainest - appears twice the word - remaineth - appears 37 times The joke answer is that Noah looked out of the "ark and saw"...

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